You Figure If Jesus The Christ Had Stripped Down To a G Strings, Dispensed Free Wine, Fish & Chips, While Pole Dancing, They Might Not Have Crucified Him?

If the Sheep refuse to look at it, it did not happen as far as the sheep are concerned!

Obviously the stop buggering the orphans, stop stealing the widows home and last coin with Usury, stop sneaking in the back door across the street when her husband goes to work, repent, look into your hearts, and grow spiritually, treat others as you would like to be treated, sure as hell did not Work!

What would it take to get the American party hardy long and hard, head up assus American Sheeple to look into their souls, their hearts, and see why they cheer as lying self serving political whore ass holes wage war on innocent children, in the name of Americans?

If Jesus The Christ came back, told em they were evil full of sheep shit ass holes, and he was not taking any of their asses to heaven, till they pulled their heads out of their asses, repented for all their self imposed ignorance, reach down, locate their balls, stand up, speak up, act up, till humanity damn well won, that would get their attention?

Or would they help the “State” to crucify hiss ass all over again.

Just call me a skeptic when it comes to believing the American sheep are going to do any other damn thing other than continue to passively march their and their children’s asses right through the doors of the slaughterhouse!

In lives and times past, I may have given the sheep the benefit of the doubt, but that was them, this is now.

Before I believe a single American sheep out there has a set of balls, they going to have to go Missouri on me.

Show me your damn balls sheep ass hole!

Other wise, you are just a bleating sheep with no balls, way I and Jesus the Christ got it figured!

John C Carleton

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