Kingdom of Carleton’s Proposed World Wide Peace Plan.

As most folks, sheep and otherwise, want to live in relative peace with those around them, wars being destructive to that desired living in relative peace, wars can no longer be allowed to be used as a State tool to get its way, steal from others, make slaves of others.

However, recognizing the nature of the human beast, it is agreed self-serving evil egotistical political prostitutes and religious charlatans will still attempt to start wars with others for personal gain.

Therefore, instead of the current system of poor or middle classed kids dying for rich old sons of bitches, the rich old sons of bitches, should die for the poor and middle classed young!

Makes sense anyway you look at It.
Out with the old, in with the new!

So anytime, those in “government”, form a coalition, to start a war with another country, it be handled in the time honored Trial on the Field of Honor Before God, Vindication before God!

A “leader”, (king, president, whatever), the one feeling froggy, bitch slaps the head of the other country, demands armed satisfaction on the Field of Honor!


But if that ole fake queen, squatting at Buckingham Palace, on public assistance, has a go at the Rat’s gay boy toy in France, swords, pistols or teeth, my money is on the ole dragon bitch!

If it is a Vice whatever feeling froggy, he Bitch Slaps his Vice counterperson in the country he or she is feeling froggy about, and they have it out.
One left alive is right, they won, now everyone go home, the show is over, they had their war.

Course, ever now and them, humanity will get lucky and they will kill each other.

Mayor of a city, gets pissed at the town down the road a piece, he bitch slaps the mayor from that town, they shoot it out.
Everyone else in both towns go about their business.

Public Service will really become Public Service again, as taking the office signifies you are willing and able to defend your positions/country on the Field of Honor, against other pissed off, brain dead, greedy, self serving political whores!

Failure to live up to the call for Satisfaction on the field of Honor, would mark one as an untouchable, an outcaste, who was fair game for any man, women or Child’s hand!

So Dueling On The Field Of Honor, must be reinstated!

Make the world, and America a better place.

Say some yankee puritan carpetbagger stole your dog!
Why you just bitch slap the POS, demand your dog back and satisfaction for the dissatisfaction of having your dog stolen by a thieving yankee!

Unlike my 9 year old grandpa who just pointed a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun with both ears back between the eyes of the thieving yankee, demanded his dog back, got his dog back, and as a True Southern Gentleman, spared the damn yankee carpetbaggers worthless life.

That was right outside Llano, Texas, under yankee invader “Reconstruction”.
About 1875.

Otherwise he would have probably just cleaned out between the ears of the yankee, dragged him off to the buzzard feast grounds.

You see how complicated life became after the yankee invader passed “laws” saying you could not just bitch slap lying yankee scum, demand they show their balls, or be branded a ball-less coward, an outcaste from society.

But you can clearly see the advantages of The Kingdom of Carleton’s Proposed World WIDE PEACE PLAN.

Everyone , world wide, but especially in The Occupied Republic of Texas, should demand the Right of Return, For their Ancestors Time Honored method of Trial Before God, On the Field of Honor, By Arms, Till Death!

Pistoles, back to back, march 10 paces each, turn, fire, God will decide!

King John de Carleton [The zionist Eater]
Kingdom of Carleton-
South Texas!
American by BIRTH.
Texaican by the Grace of God!

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