There Is No External Savior Coming To Save America’s Or Humanities Collective Ass

Humanity, the sheep people, are always looking for an external savior, to pull their ass out of the pile of shit, humanity shit on themselves.

A “We” screw it up, You come save us and fix it up cowardliness.

There was a historical Jesus the Christ.
Been many other Christ.
A Christ, is merely a messenger from the Source.

Back to Jesus the Christ.
He did not come to save the Hebrews, or your ass.
He was a messenger from the source.
Jesus came, to give the Hebrews a chance to redeem and save themselves.

But he told em, to look inside themselves, to fix their own lives, stop raping little boys, stop stealing with Usury, stop serving a angry bloodthirsty war demon god.

Repent of their evil, do right by each other, be kind, find some honor, find some balls.

The Hebrews like Americans today, wanted it all, but they did want to stop any of their self serving evil shit to get spiritual growth and self salvation.

The Hebrews were looking for an External savior, who would do all the hard things, allow them to keep raping little boys, stealing, cheating, murdering.

An External, no self sacrifice or effort needed salvation!
Just say I am sorry every time they keep do their evil, chip in some coin when they pass the plate, and just like powdered mashed potatoes, just add some sacrificial wine, and bam!
Instant salvation!

Jesus the Christ kept telling them to repent, look inward for their salvation from evil.

This caused the Hebrews to become very-very upset with Jesus the Christ, so they helped those in power murder Jesus the Christ, and partied on.

The Hebrews as a people soon ceased to exist.

There are no Hebrews today.

Today, Americans are looking for an external savior.

Some are still hoping Jesus the Christ, who was murdered for telling the truth, pointing the finger of both the evil of the Hebrews, and the salvation of the Hebrews, squarely at the Hebrews, is coming to magically appear, save the sheep from the pile of shit they shit themselves, and are now wallowing in.

Ain’t going to happen, Christ are messengers, who tell the sheep, look inward for your answers and salvation.

Jesus was to appear in America, tell the American sheep, what he told the Hebrew sheep, the American sheep would help those in power in America, murder his ass all over again.

The Cowardly American Sheep People, keep looking for that external savior, to fix all the evil and shit, the sheep caused by their own actions.

There are stories running the internet, of all these secret indictments, which are going to come down, and thousands of evildoers in Washington DC And the State capitols will go to jail, be convicted in court, Americans will be handed their freedom back on a silver platter, with no effort or repentance needed from the sheep.

That report, is years old, and bullshit, but desperate sheep, looking for a way to avoid repentance, self examination and personal changes and sacrifice, keep finding the story, and SWARING Americas will be saved, by Washington DC, the evil which led the American sheep down the paths of evil for the Elites sake!

No one ever accused the sheep of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Then there was a cult, I never paid much mind, but an activist I read sometimes, who is a cracker jack in science, had a run in with.
Seems people were being told, there were these Blue Space Chickens, coming to save humanity.
I think it was 144,000 of the “select was going to go off into space with the Blue Chickens and escape earth, and the shit pile the 144,000 had made of their lives.

The Moonies, Scientology, Heavens gate, Jim Jones, hell even fat zionist charlatan pigs like the Church secretary humphing John Hagee, are seen as a shortcut to salvation by a cowardly mass of evil collaborating sheep.

America is not great, because her sheep are cowardly, evil, lazy, me first, pedophillic, thieving, hands out, give me, I am offended, I deserve, I am entitled to, fucking sheep!

You want America to be Great?

The fat ass Israhell Firster Trump is not going to save your ass!
He has already betrayed your ass, to Israhell..

The Gabby one, Tutsie, who claims to be Anti-war, while voting every damn time, to fund the criminal agencies, starting and waging the evil illegal wars, is not going to save your ass.

The pedophile Biden is not going to save your ass from yourselves.

They are part of the problem, part of the evil, not part of a solution, or salvation for the American Head Up Assus Sheep.

It is not sexy, it is damned hard, gut wrenching and traumatizing work, to look inward, admit your evil and faults, find the will power to change, stop doing the evil self serving acts.

But only then, can one start to grow spiritually.

If America is to be great, a good land in which to work, live, raise a family, the sheep MUST look inward.
The sheep must find courage to admit their evils, repent of their evils, and change their evil ways.

The sheep, have always decided what kind of world the rest of us live in.

Things will not change, there will be no salvation for the sheep, or America, until the sheep find honor.

The wonderful thing is, the sheep find honor, courage, stand up against evil, change their own lives instead of bitching of others lives, then they cease being sheep!

Oh, most will never be warriors, top predators, but they will become human, no longer sheep people.

But for each of them, as for myself, as for yourself, salvation is to be found, by looking inward, not outward!

John C Carleton

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