My lines came through Virginia on their way to The Republic of Texas, (currently Occupied).
My Southern ancestors and cousins, in the Confederate Department, is impeccable!

Well my great great grandfather DuBose, did desert as a corporal from a hard luck Arkansas infantry outfit with bad officers.
When the Confederate authorities caught up with him, he was a sergeant in the Confederate Calvary.
The official entry on his record is, “In Calvary without authorization”.
Cost him some pay, as they told him to keep shooting yankees!
Other than that I mean!

My family lines fought the wars of America, before it was American run, till my turn at bat.

But they will not get my grandsons to do their Evil wars for Empire.

Fighting for America, because she was attacked is one thing.
Doing to others, what the yankee did to ours, who have not attacked or wronged America in any way, is not fighting for America, and is pissing on the memories and graves of your Confederate Ancestors!

John C Carleton

Now that we’ve put Memorial Day in the rear-view mirror and with the ego stroking of Veterans Day fast approaching, it’s time for your local dissident veteran to have a talk with you folks again. Let me clue you in to the facts you should already know.

The forces of the Atrophied Empire of America are hemorrhaging talent and the leviathan cannot sustain this, it needs fresh meat for its intellectual and physical organ grinder. Sound melodramatic? I can assure you it is not. If the United States Army, the largest branch with a half million “troops,” is taking notice of this in their think tanks, we can safely assume there is a problem. Even the United States Marine Corps, a family tradition for many Southerners and the first stepping stone for many a young Southern man, is beginning to see the light of the train steaming toward them at the end of the tunnel. Their solution? Throw money at it.

Throwing money at problems is an American pastime (think means-tested benefits, for example), but is also the desperate act of an organization that has forsaken common sense and long-term vision for political expediency. We can thank the first stage of ClownWorld for this: Obama (spit). Budget shenanigans led to drastic cuts across the forces.

How will this impact the Dissident Right? Short answer: recruiting.

In military exchange
The Army Chief of Staff, Mark Milley, requested an end strength of 540,000 soldiers by 2022, that’s 17,500 brand new recruits every year, predominantly out of SouthernTown, USA and our Yankee cousins, the Midwest. This doesn’t account for the 20% we lose to a combination of (1) retirements, (2) NCOs and officers ragequitting and (3) not extending their enlistments or service commitments.

That linked article will show you that this is predominantly a pipe dream, as about 71% of 18 to 24-year-olds (the military’s target pool of potential recruits) are disqualified from the minute they enter a recruiting station: that’s 24 million out of 34 million Americans. This is a result of obesity, criminal records and not possessing education prerequisites. In other words, tfw (“that feel when”) modernity hits and transforms your citizenry from citizen-soldiers to the background characters from WALL-E.

The remaining small pool of qualified applicants will be courted hard by slippery recruiters who will promise your son (or, God forbid, your daughter) the world. In turn, they can sacrifice themselves in some Afghan poppy field or spread democracy in Iran, Syria, Russia or anyplace else John Bolton has a hard-on for (still crossing our fingers that this doesn’t happen).

I’m a product of this world. A divorced, childless, mid-career leader with three deployments and a disdain for non-combat veterans and, until I ran to the private sector, my eyes locked firmly on a retirement check. Now that my bona fides are established, let me tell you what lies in waiting for your precious offspring.


The Night’s Watch for Weimerica

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