The Moment Came, On The Titanic, As The Bow Continued To Settle, 1st Mate said, Ok Captain, This Shit Ain’t Working, What The Hell Do We Do Now!

Came a time when George Washington, looking at the cold, starving, freezing, loyal, through out thick and thin, lost and won, Winter Solders camped in the snow around him, looked across the Delaware River, looked up, and said, Ok, this stuff we been doing, ain’t working!
What do we do now?

Came a time when General Robert E Lee, CSA, looked at the magnificent in spirit men, standing there ragged, barefoot, hungry, wounded, sick, the dwindling number of live friends, and the growing list of the friends he had buried, the endless sides of warriors graves he have stood by, and said, Lord Almighty, what we have been doing, just is not working!
What do we do now!

Came the time in WW 2, when the politically correct, sold out, incompetent, British and Russian ass kissing, big Allied brass No Combat Ike, looked at General George S Patton, Politically Incorrect, profane, in the dog house, Truth Teller and unapologetic ass kicker, and said, Ok George, this shit we been doing just ain’t working!
What the hell do we do now?

Came the time in my first marriage, I said, Ok, baby, this shit just ani’t working!
What do we do now?

Came the time I got on my knees in humbleness and said, Ok, this shit out there ani’t working for me no more!
What do I do now?

Alright America!
Can Americans, stop pretending the “Nobel Experiment”, worked out, went well, was a success?

Cause not until Americans look inside their own selves, see why they have been supporting the evil being done in the name of the Americans souls, can they begin to understand just how badly they need to get on their knees and start begging forgiveness, wisdom, knowledge and understanding!

Until that happens, Americans can not in humbleness get on their knees, look up, say, Ok, this shit America has been doing, just ain’t working!
What the hell do Americans do Now?

I was a preachers kid.
When I was around three, my dad accepted a call from a church on the Texas-Mexico border.
Spent about five years there.

The principal, who also taught 5th grade, always started his classes off the same way.
He would look around the class room, ask the students, is there any ignorant kids in this room?

Usually one or two hands would go up timidly.

The Principal would look at the other students, tell them, at least these two, (or three on a good year), know they are ignorant!

So they are less ignorant than you who did not raise their hands!

You see, until you admit, to yourself, this shit you been doing, just ain’t working, start talking to your family and friends, telling each other, you know this shit the “government” been doing, just ain’t working!

So what do the Living Souls, living on the Face of the Land, of North America, do now?

Cause, no sense is warming up more of the same ole lost its flavor Empire Stew.

Americans already been forced to eat way too damn much of that shit already!

Time for a new recipe, a new dish!

John C Carleton

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