Will You Be A Real American, Chasing The Enemies of America, the Murderers of American Children, down the street, or an Israhell Firster Running Down The Street, Being Pursued By a Pissed Off Posse of Real Americans?


Their days are numbered.

When the American sheep finally are forced to realize, it was Israhell attacked America, in New York, on 11 September 2001, blamed it on the Arabs, like they tried to blame the sinking of the USS Liberty, in international waters, in 1967, on the Arabs, bring the USA in to fight their war for them, (But the Liberty REFUSED TO sink), Israhell will cease to exist.
Palestinians will get their country back.

Heard one USS Liberty survivor say the hand of God held that ship up from sinking, as evidence of the evil of Israhell.

I promise to do all I can to keep some hot headed American. Military officer seeing if a shit load of sand really will make a glass parking lot.
Conventional methods will work fine.
A wing of B-52s doing a saturation carpet bombing run of strategic areas of occupied Palestine, then arm Palestinians, let them mop up!

Might send in American Special forces to secure the illegal Nukes they have, but other than that, a bit of explosive confetti from the air is all is needed to put the occupation of the Semitic Palestinians to beddy bye on the pages of history!

But when the sheep, discover, the reason their child, father, husband, wife, is buried was they died in a war for Israhell, based of a false flag by Israhell and Israhell Firsters, in Washington DC, there will be no place safe on the earth for an Israhell war criminal in the whole wide world, or an Israhell Firster, in America.

The American sheep, like to keep their heads in that dark place, but Mother Nature is arranging a group pull head out of session for America, and the world also.

Once they are FORCED, to look at the evidence, I know Americans, and nothing but blood, and lots of it, will begin to abate the anger the American people will come to, when they realize the War criminals who steal over 11 million dollars a day from American workers, AMERICAN FAMILIES,, are the same bunch killing their kids & kin!

Hell will be cool in comparison to the FIRE of the American peoples Lust for the Blood of the Murderers of their children and people!

Prominent in North America’s European community of the Southern and Western areas, are the descendants of the Vikings, to include the Scots-Irish people.

You just don’t want to piss off the Scots-Irish descendants of Vikings!
Right now they acting like sheep, but I have seen the turn of these people from Herbivore to carnivore, in the time of the twinkling of a fair viking maidens eyes.

The time is coming when the dens and caves which usually offered a place of refuge from invading armies (Isaiah 2:19) would prove insufficient, and men would cry, as they had done of old (comp. Hosea 10:8, from which the words are quoted), to the mountains to fall on us.

Luke 23:30 :
“Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us.”

There will be no cover, no, hiding place, no cave, no den, no country, which will be able to stop or blunt the wrath of the American people, once they figure this out!

The American sheep are slow, plodding along, herd animals.
But once a thought takes hold, in one of their brains, begins to spread, almost instantly, the whole damn herd is thinking the same thing!

And when they figure out it was Israhell, And treasonous Israhell Firsters in DC done the Dirty Deed,
will not be anywhere world wide, safe for an Israhell minion, or a treasonous to America Israhell Firster, in America!

Times coming,

Are you an American or an Israhell minion.

Put another way, will you be one of America’s true Viking sons and daughters, chasing the murderers and rapers of American children down the street, or will you be running from the posse of Real American Vikings, chasing your pedophillic Usury frost outlander ass down the street?

John C Carleton:
Real American!
American by birth-
Texican by the Grace of God!

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