My lines came through Virginia on their way to The Republic of Texas, (currently Occupied). My Southern ancestors and cousins, in the Confederate Department, is impeccable! Well my great great grandfather DuBose, did desert as a corporal from a hard luck Arkansas infantry outfit with bad officers. When the Confederate authorities caught up with him, […]

Will You Be A Real American, Chasing The Enemies of America, the Murderers of American Children, down the street, or an Israhell Firster Running Down The Street, Being Pursued By a Pissed Off Posse of Real Americans?

Israhell! Their days are numbered. When the American sheep finally are forced to realize, it was Israhell attacked America, in New York, on 11 September 2001, blamed it on the Arabs, like they tried to blame the sinking of the USS Liberty, in international waters, in 1967, on the Arabs, bring the USA in to […]

The Moment Came, On The Titanic, As The Bow Continued To Settle, 1st Mate said, Ok Captain, This Shit Ain’t Working, What The Hell Do We Do Now!

Came a time when George Washington, looking at the cold, starving, freezing, loyal, through out thick and thin, lost and won, Winter Solders camped in the snow around him, looked across the Delaware River, looked up, and said, Ok, this stuff we been doing, ain’t working! What do we do now? Came a time when […]