The Taliban Have Won in Afghanistan

“Gabbard was astonished, as well she might be, and replied “The Taliban didn’t attack us on 9/11; al-Qaeda did. That’s why I and so many other people joined the military — to go after al-Qaeda. Not the Taliban.”

No Gabby!
Israhell attacked America 11 September , 2001.
USA/Washington DC collaborated!

How about America goes after those who really attacked the American Homeland, Israhell and the USA?

Seems the better course than spending American blood and treasure, to fight wars to benefit Israhell, which attacked the American Homeland on 11 September, 2001, mass murdering over 3,000 souls.

Course, I am a Texican Hillbilly.
Don’t think like a pedophile enabling USA/Washington DC political whore!
I think like my Cousins!

I am loyal to America, like my cousins.

Lt. Col. John Washington,. CSA, Aid de Camp, cousin, tent mate and friend, of Robert E Lee, General commanding, CSA.
Last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon, assassinated from concealment in Virginia, 11 September 1861, (the first 911 false flags murder by USA).

And General George S Patton, murdered in Germany, 21 December, 1945, murdered by the USA collaborating with the Red Bolsheviks of communist Russia, for remaining loyal to America, not selling his country and people out!

Don’t think like an Israhell Firster.

Think like an American!
A real one, who holds the Land and the Souls, America and Americans, in his heart.

Arlo Guthrie: When A Soldier Makes It Home (live)

John C Carleton

On June 26 two US special forces soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, bringing the total of US military personnel who have died in that useless war to 2429, according to iCasualties, an independent casualty tracker.

No matter what one might think about the rights and wrongs of the war in Afghanistan, it is sad to record such fatalities, and the question that comes to mind is: What did they die for?

According to the US State Department the military are there because “we continue to invest US resources to help Afghanistan improve its security, governance, institutions and economy,” and the Pentagon says “the principal goal… is to conclude the war in Afghanistan on terms favourable to Afghanistan and the United States.”


Neither the current occupant of the White House nor any others aspiring to become president in 2020 have produced any workable proposals to end this disastrous conflict, and in an exchange of views on June 27 two of the Democratic contenders cast some light on the darkness of frustration and confusion. Members of Congress Tim Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard had a heated argument that involved Gabbard (who had served in Iraq) declaring that “The Taliban was there long before we came in; they’ll be there long before we leave. We cannot keep US troops deployed to Afghanistan thinking that we’re somehow going to squash this Taliban.” Even if she didn’t offer a solution, she is perfectly right — but it was the rejoinder of Congressman Ryan that was eye-opening. He said “I didn’t say squash them. When we weren’t in there, they started flying planes into our buildings.”

The Taliban Have Won in Afghanistan

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