Shadow Boxing With Evil, On A Night As Black As A RothsRat’s Ass!

Thats what it feels like trying to get the American Sheep people to look at a bit of truth!

They are like:

Take my firstborn!
Violate my seven virgin daughters!
Here, take their mother too!
BUT Don’t Make Me Look At The Truth!!!!!

Well, It Is So Upsetting!
I will just keep my head tucked safely up my ass, nice and dark in here, none of that horrible illumination of Truth!

And the Truth is over in the bar ditch, being gang banged by a posse of Pistol packing pigs!

Ahhhhh, if she were only as noble and great, pure of heart as her “official” USA history Books say she was and is!

In the interest of time, the history of the USA had to be abridged!
Take unnecessary facts out here and there,USA damning facts here and there, USA false Flags and war crimes here and there, totally unnecessary facts, no one ever looks at any more anyway, just cluttering the pages of history up, and as they do not buttress the Red White and Blue, Hot Mom, Hot Apple pie and Hot Chevrolet illusion pig slop fed the American sheep!

Gonna let you in on a little secret.
Jesus the Christ despised the sheep people!
When those he thought of as his brothers in Arms, betrayed him to the Romans, as he was praying, he was saying!

Why the Hell do I Have to be a Sheep Herder!

Sons of bitches have not changed a damn bit in over two thousand blind, stumbling herd like, sheep years!

Why along with that good pistol or revolver Jesus the Christ said you should have, and use if necessary, you might want to add a good pair of 3ed generation night vision goggles.

If you are going to have a try herding the American Head Up Assus sheep, you will need the damn things!
Damn son of a bitching sheep are always in the Damned Dark!

John C Carleton

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