Jesus The Christ Was Pro Weapon, Pro Natural Law Rights, Pro Gun Rights, Anti-Gun “Control” laws!

Luke 22:36
“Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

Jesus The Christ!

Now, Jesus was all for going armed.
He said you can do without an overcoat, but sometimes you just can not do without a good sword, so sell your overcoat if you have to, to buy a good sword, to use to protect your ass and the asses of friends and family!

Jesus the Christ recognized Natural Rights.
He recognized the right of any man, of any station of life, to defend his own, and his families lives, with a damn good sword and bloody violence if it came to that.

You will recall Jesus the Christ was looked down their noses at, by the elites of his time, cause he hung with the working class.

Now if Jesus The Christ could see the future, he could see the day would come, when a sword as primary tool of self preservation would be replaced with the day when a fine revolver or pistol would be the preferred self defense weapon of Southern Gentlemen.

So updated, Luke 22:36 reads:
Then Jesus said to his Brothers in Arms,You have money, bring it, you have a backpack, bring it.
If you do not have a good pistol or revolver, sell your overcoat if you have to, to get one!

Jesus the Christ.

Now Jesus, never said nothing about paying no mind to any laws the Romans had against individual occupied persons carrying swords, or applying for a permit from the Romans, for permission to carry your sword.

So one can gather Jesus the Christ was Pro Guns, and Anti-Gun control laws.

This means, any priest, preacher or fat hog TV charlatan tells you, “God” says you have to obey the “authorities ” “God” has put “above ” you, is a lying sack of charlatan shit who don’t have a damned clue who or what Jesus the Christ was or is!

Any one tries to take from you the Natural Rights, The Right of Ownership of the best damn tool of self defense available to you, your weapons, is trying to steal from you the Natural God Given or Natural Right to Defense.

That means any political whore, tries to pass “laws” outlawing you for owning the best damn weapon of your choice for self defense, is pissing in the Face of Jesus The Christ!

Thats right, any politician who advocates “gun control”, may as well just use the butt of that Colt Peacemaker they trying to steal from grandpa, to pound the nails through the hands and feet of Jesus the Christ!

John C Carleton

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