Come sail away for Me said She-On Britain’s Bath Tub Navy

Right Face!

Come sail away for Me said She-
On Britians bath tub navy-
To gaurd safe ships from imagened hordes-
Of independant minded types don’t recognize their own pretend overloards-
You will sail right into the pages of offical history-
Making the world “Safe” for “little ole” ME!
In old age and ill health from a lifetime of killing for your “queen”-
How dare you think my taking a crap on you is “small and mean”!

Inspired by Britian’s open piracy of an Iranian Tanker, on the open seas, then trying to ratchet the war drums against Iran for Israhell, a bit higher, by pretending to think Iran was really going to try to take a Brit tanker in return.

They decide to, they will!
And the fake dragon queen, Real lizard, fake queen’s bunch of bath tub navy ships, won’t stop the Iranians.

Where the hell did the Brits get the idea they were all that?

My great great uncle type Richard the Lion Heart, said he would damn well sell London if he could find a buyer!

Normandy was home!

The Ole Dog!

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