Epstein’s Elite Wall Street Ties Revealed In Filing-ZeroHedge

Epstein’s Elite Wall Street Ties Revealed In Filing Profile picture for user Tyler Durden by Tyler Durden Thu, 07/11/2019 – 10:38 9 SHARES TwitterFacebookRedditEmailPrint Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth has long been a topic of discussion since becoming known as a ‘billionaire pedophile’ and other similar monickers. Described by prosecuitors this week as a “man of nearly […]

A Secret Meeting to Plot War?

Who is representing the American people in this secret conclave with pro-Israel groups? By Philip Giraldi On June 5, 16 heads of Jewish organizations joined 25 Democratic senators in a private meeting, which, according to the Times of Israel, is an annual event. All of the Jewish organizations but one were openly declared advocates for […]

Putin: Communist or Christian?-Henry Makow

The author urges Westerners not to be taken in. The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask (Pt. 1) (Footnotes found here) By ‘Child of the Immaculata’ Apocalypse 12:17. (Slightly abridged by henrymakow.com) A truly peaceful nation does not speak and act in warrior terms. Although the East expends much effort pretending virtue, consistent with ‘Perestroika Deception’ […]