Tehran’s Imam Suggests Missile Strike On Israel’s Nuclear Reactor

Why stop there?

You will notice how the story is cobbled together with derogatory comments on all things Iran.

Iran/Persia, has not attacked a country or power which did not first attack Iran, in damn near 300 years, unlike the constant false flag war making Holocausters of Humanity, the Non Semitic , not descended from Ancient Hebrew, Israhell Khazarians, Russian Expat and Spawn thereof.

President John Kennedy, was seriously talking about sending USA special forces into occupied Palestine, to secure all things nuclear the Israhell war criminals were constructing, illegally.

Then Israhell made his head explode.

Then Israhell built their many illegal Nukes, which they threaten to blow the world up with, if they are not allowed to rape Semitic Palestine boys in peace, Holocaust the Semitic Palestinian souls, in peace, and steal the Ancestral Home land of the Semitic Palestinians, and any others lands they want to steal by Genocide, in peace, the (Samson Option).

John C Carleton


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