Though The Politically Correct Anti-American- Bull Shit Runs Deep

Though The Politically Correct Anti-American- Bull Shit Runs Deep-
Should USA murder me again today, I pray Thou my soul to keep-

Safe under the eagles sheltering, protecting wing-
Until my soul’s turn to enter the Illuminating Ring-

Screwups, successes, after action reports, lessons learned-
Chances given, chances taken, chances which the corner of, I never turned-

The cycle of death and rebirth of the body machinery-
So the soul can learn to grow, strive for spirituality, eternally-

Walking time and again this troubled path of sorrow and pain-
Only to turn right around and do it all over again-

A lesson learned however, does not need a repeat-
Allowing new lessons to be learned at the Masters feet-

So keep my soul safe in your hand today and through the night-
Frighting away the Hounds of Hel from my soul with Thy Majestic Might-

As I stumble impudently from life to life-
Always in the middle of the point of strife-

Doing my Duty as it is shown to me-
Oh Odin, show me, help me to see-

The correct path to take to find shelter for the clan-
From the evil of the Frost Outlander man-

And in the Halls of Valhalla, when next we do meet again over meat and mead-
It is then agreed-

With the battles done, the wars all fought at last, Peace come to pass-
We will Viking like chase around the tables, each a beautiful Valkyrie serving lass!

The Ole Dog!

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