New Zealanders Not Complying With Gun Ban

When a living soul is born inside a body, they receive Natural Rights.

No one, no government has a right to try to take those Natural Rights from them.

One basic right, is self defense.

Any ruling, stature , “law”, any human, or groups of humans, trying to take from any human, the right of self-defense, or the tools to enforce their own self defense, is an ass hole, evil, Anti-Human, Anti-Freedom, and pissing in the face of Jesus the Christ, who said, “He without a sword, sell your outer coat and buy one!”

If the New Zealand Crime cabal, wants Weapons turned in, let the Political Whores start by destroying the “government” of New Zealand’s weapons of war.

I know in the USA, more Americans are murdered with “State” Weapons used by “State” “police”, than “foreign Arab Terrorist”!

If a “Law” is against Natural Rights, it is wrong, and Void!

Those trying to enforce evil, wrong, and void “laws” on other humans, are ass holes, criminals, and pieces of shit!

John C Carleton

New Zealanders Not Complying With Gun Ban

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