A Lesson On Word Smithing, Or Heres How They Cobble Together Propaganda For The American Head Up Assus Sheep To Eat!

Now, I am a direct descendant of the man who is still admired the world over, for his ability to take bull shit, twist it, turn it, regurgitate it in his words, and make the damn Roman sheep eat it like it was Mom’s apple pie right out of the oven, Julius Caesar.

Man could sling the shit now!
Along with kicking ass and sleeping with everyone else wives, for information, for revenge, or just for fun!

Never claimed he was going to sit on the Right Hand of Jesus, just good at slinging shit, kicking ass and getting women to sleep with him.
And I got his DNA.

Although unlike him, I don’t sleep with other folks wives, don’t want to be a damn sheep herder, be the head idiot in charge of all the other idiots, and sheep, I do still understand the art, to a very high degree.

Most folks, when they on the winning side of “voting” in the new same as the old, President____________, fill in the blank with the new name of the new hand puppet, are enamored with the excitement of the party of the “changing of the guard”.
The New “president”, and First “Lady”

I Already know enough of their history, to know this is an illusion.
If this “new”, same as the old, hand puppet were not completely blackmail-able, bought, sold, owned, they would never had been allowed to get within spitting distance of the big white Cat House, located in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac!

There has not been ONE president, since Israhell made Kenndy’s head explode in full view of the American souls, in Dallas, Occupied Republic of Texas, who has not been a hand puppet.

The Serial Pedophile Papa BadBush, pulled a lot of weight, as he was high up in his level of evil.
And he was still a hand puppet.

So yes, the Trickster Trumpster is owned by the usual suspects, pedophiles and Usury Bankers.

Yes, he has a shit load of dirt they are holding over the Trumpster’s head.

Yes, Trumpster is dirty as hell, Anti-America, Pro Israhell, political Whore.

Thats a fact, not the reason for this lesson.

I am using a story, which was cobbled together, by a half assed wordsmith, with a decent understanding of the Head up Assus American Sheep, to give examples of how they feed you shit, and make you like it.

Now, USA is a damn religion!
The flag, the fake history which makes the cowardly sheep so proud, the imposing memorials to war criminals, queer, manic depressive, homicidal maniac, black hating “emancipation”, puritan fanatical religious propaganda spouting, atheist “president”/presidents, makes the sheep swell with pride, want to go kill for Jesssuuuusss and Isrrrrrraaaahhhhell!

So, like all religions, there was a split, where you end up with two or more religions, all birthed by the same charlatans.

In this case, the Church of the Big Business Republicans, and the Church of the free meal, party long and hard Democrats.

Right now, a known pedophile, who ran a honey trap with little girls, on an Island, for the CIA/Mossad bunch of evil sons of zionist bitches, Khazarian or puritan “chosen ones”, is in trouble, again.

He got busted once FOR PEDOPHILLIA, RUNNING SEX SLAVE CAT HOUSES, using little girls.
But as he had dirt on all the high ups in WASHINGTON DC, he got a gentile tap on the hand.

His victims, got pissed, started making noise, which gathered steam, and has evolved into new charges on the known pedophile, who was bestist butties with The Clintons and the Trumps.

Bill Clinton was on the pedophile express, the pedophiles private jet to whisk old pedophile men to the island, to rape little girls, so often, I heard they had a seat reserved for him only!

Trump is on record, (before coming head hand puppet of course), saying yeah, the pedophile is my buddy. We both like young “women”.

There is a picture of the pedophile, with a Israhell Mossad asset, a “Col. in Israhells Holocaust gang I believe, arm in arm, a young trump and his ole lady there, all having a blast.

Now, the Church of the Republican true believers, (voters), do not want to believe what the hell is staring them in their sheep like faces!

Their DADDY is DIRTY!!

So this somewhat knowledgeable wordsmith, takes damning evidence to the informed, and turns it into SEE, TRUMP IS AGAINST PEDOPHILES, sheep food, for the American Sheep like masses of true believers, desperately looking for proof their DADDY, is NOT dirty.


“Trump Was ‘Only One’ To Help Prosecutor In 2009 Epstein Case”.

Right there the sheep go, SEE!!!
He is still the Knight in Shinning Armor, come to SAAAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE Ammmmmeeerriiica!!!!!!

Let me explain that.

Trump has a smart lawyer, when the shit hit the fan first time, and the prosecutor started sending out depositions, and Trump knew he was on the list.
This lawyer told him, call them up, give them everything you can without actually giving your pedophile sex slave buddy up.
Give it to them on the phone.
Thats just hearsay, if you lied a bit here and there, “accidentally” left something out, no biggie.
But if they get you on a deposition under oath, then that shit, lying under oath, can bite you in the ass BIG TIME.

So voluntarily squeal like a little piggy, but do it on the phone, not under oath!

Now, another bone was thrown to the True Believers of the Church of the Republicans, was this:

“And while Democrats have suggested that the new evidence may implicate President Trump – who once called Epstein a “Terrific guy” who “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side” (yet reportedly kicked the billionaire pedophile out of his Mar-a-Lago club for trying to recruit an underage girl) others are focusing on the Clintons.”

SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the True believers scream, SEEEEEEEEEE, Trump STOPPED his pedophile buttie from kidnapping a child for sexual purposes!!!!!!!!

He don’t LIKE pedophiles!!!!!!!

Well, no!
What it means, is even a dumb ass like Trump, knew allowing this pedophile buttie, to kidnap a child for sexual purposes from Trumps own establishment, if it ever came out, would be damning evidence against Trump!

It means Trumpster was not looking out for the best interest of the little girl, the Trickster Trumpster was looking out for the Trumpster’s ass!

So read this for yourselves, and THINK when you read it.
THINK, what kind of shit have they honey coated, and with what, to get you to swallow all their shit, while liking the taste of all their shit so much, you beg for more of their shit!!

John C Carleton
The Ole Wordsmithing Dog!


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