The Only Strategic Rationale for the Israhell Run USA’s Involvement in Syria Finally Revealed

America has been Militarily Occupied by the USA/Washington DC, from 1865 onwards.

Who is running the crime canal of DC, has changed over the years, but the evil emanating out of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac has never faltered.

Presentally, USA/Washington DC, is controlled By Russian Expats & Spawn thereof, halfbreed Turkmen/slavic reject outcaste Non Semitic Khazarians from the Steppes of Russia, Via Occupied Palestine for some of them.

The personal coward Bolton, who made Damn Sure he never picked up a rifle and put his cowardly ass in the firing line, keeps trying to send American Children to war for Israhell, of which he is a “Citizen”.

How the hell does one get to be a “citizen” of an illegal Rat Run Crime Cabal occupying someone else’s country?

America, the Land, Americans the living Souls living on the Face of the Land of North America, are not the same thing, never have been, never will be, as the USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Free America/Americans from the Rats, Israhell and USA/WASHINGTON DC!

John C Carleton
Occupied Republic of Texas.
American by birth.
Texican by the Grace of God!

The Only Strategic Rationale for America’s Involvement in Syria Finally Revealed

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