That Thing Behind The Veneer of a “Sweet Southern Belle”!

Now, yankee folks, folks from other parts of the world, tend to get their ideas of what a Southern women is, from Gone With The Wind!

Oh No-No!
Thats the veneer.

A skilled “Southern Belle”, will guard and defend that “innocent sweet little ole thing” illusion, as a mother Bear her Cubs!

But when you are sleeping with these “Belles”, you get to see them without make up on!
And spiritually, emotionally!

Daddy never told me about THIS Micky mouse shit, what the hell do i do with this damned insane bitch now! Crap!

Now, I never liked to base my research in phycology, on just one or two experiments, I had a lot of girlfriends, and such.
Seen behind the eyes on many of then “sweet innocent things”!

My Wife saved me from repeating past mistakes, as when we got married, being good friends with one of my sisters, knew every single piece of history and dirt on me, told me:
“You try to leave me, I’ll Kill, You!”

Works for us.
Thirty plus years now!

She denies she ever said that now.

Them Southern Belles have a reputation to keep up in their own minds too!
A memory of say, my new bride, threatening to reach down my throat, pull my ass hole out my mouth if I ever strayed, well, thats just not compatible with their own idea of their sweet innocent self, so they just selectively discard these memories.
Who needs all these old memories hanging around, no one is ever going to use, cluttering up their lives anyway?

But trust me yankee boy, you move down here, think you are “man” enough to ride the marriage pony with that Southern Belle, Ya piss em off at just the right time, they will reach into your chest, pull out your still beating heart, and shove it up your dying ass.

While telling you to hurry up and DIE, cause as soon as you are dead, they are released from that till death shit,and are going to sleep with ALL your friends!

Best you just stay to your own kind, leave this Southern Breed alone.

Southern boys trying to get them fillies tamed down for generations!
Still a rough and rocky road to Ride sometimes!

John C Carleton
Preachers Kid-
Texican Hillbilly-
Fast horse, Fast motorcycle,
and the wife always adds, Fast Women riding-
(No Respect!)
Born Rebel-
Loyal American-
American by Birth-
Texican by the Grace of God!

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