Jeffrey Epstein Has Been Arrested For Sex Trafficking of Minors-Zero Hedge

Epsteine best worry about having a heart attack, stroke, plane crash, car wreck, or committing suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head, several times!

He knows way too much, on a lot of high ups in the Washington DC crime cabal, to include Bill Clinton and Trump, both of who were big buddies, Bill a frequent flyer on the Pedophile express, which took old men to an island to rape little girls.

Now, nobody gives a flying whatever about Bill, he is a has been, looks like he is one step from dying of AIDS or something of the sort.

Speaking of committing Suicide by shooting oneself in the back of the head, multiple times!

Shortly after Bill the Walking Rape Tool, holed up in the Oval Office, an independent reported called his wife from a motel room in Little Rock.
He was jumping up and down excited!
He told his wife, I have them, I have the shit on those Clinton Bastards!
I can not tell you what it is over the phone.
And he was so happy, at finally-finally getting the big break which was going to lead to that world wide story, he shot himself multiple times in the back of the head, committing suicide with a 12 Gauge shotgun, if I recall right.
Leastways, thats how the uninfluenced Little Rock Coroner saw things.

History lesson over, back to the present!

But Trump, the Rats still have use of him.

If there is the least question if he will spill the beans on Trump, he is a dead man walking!

Damn shame, this pedophillic son of a bitch was protected for so many years by the other pedophiles high up in WASHINGTON DC.

John C Carleton

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