Aunt Diablo, or It Runs In The Blood Son!

Aunt Diablo

Now, for you young folk have payed no mind to your lineage, ancestors, don’t have a clue how you ended up where you are, in the station of life you are, history is a wonderful thing.

Weather you are a you get one life, up or up down, for ever and ever “christian”, or believe in reincarnation.

Oh there are a few folks got themselves convinced, once you die, thats it, light out, nothing more!
They are cowards, trying to establish an alibi, for why they pissed a life off in pursuits of evil lustfull things, non spirituality building.

One or other way, one has to understand and explain the transfer of characteristics, customs, beliefs from generation to generation.

The Secularist and the Religious fanatic, Rabid Israhell Firster zionist “christians”, have joined ranks to agree these traits are transferred by “DNA.

The soul believes in reincarnation, sees each life as a step in a “stairway to heaven”, or Valhalla, whichever stairway one choses to climb.

Improve each life, get rid of a few more world lust, greed, divers sexual lust, need for fame, need for control of others.

Learn a bit more about what real honor, integrity, truth, are all about.

Either way, if one is a historian, and a genealogist, one can chart the Plath of their lines, which came together to make you at this point in time.

Now here the reincarnation believers, the zionist Christians join hands in believing it matters who your ancestors were, who you are.

Being a damn good Historian, damn good investigative genealogist, when I had time for that, I know where my lines came from back into that black hole man walked out of a few hundred years before the birth of christ.

Being second cousins to George Washington, so most of his genealogy, save that brought in by his maternal grandmother and mother, is my genealogy, might of helped a mite.

I remember, when I started doing the history of my lines, I started seeing trends.
The family stories passed down showed other similarities through the generations.

Now, I am going to say, my line is Norseman, my Carleton Ancestor, Baldwin, came over to the battle of Hastings with his cousin William the Bastard, (soon to be William the Conquer, bit more sexy), and received Lands on the Border of England and Scotland, which Willian kicked some English Nobels off off, for plotting against his right to the crown.

Talking Vikings here, not sheep people.

Now, one line of my ancestors, can back trail William the Conquer, then go through Henri 1, Matilda, Henri 2, John, Henri 3, Edward 1st.

These families intermarried back and forth.

Now, being these folks are my ancestors, and like a good Viking one can not honor their ancesters, if one is ignorant of who they were and what they did.

And sometimes very-very ugly!

Now, if one traces a line like this, one Will find, a few real ass holes, some real good ones for their times, and a bunch of half asser teat hangers in the middle.

And you always wondered where that “you gotta kiss a lot of frogs, to find a prince, princess, came from.

Now take King John.
Incompetent militarily, incompetent administratively, self serving, greedy, backstabbing, trouble starting, battle /war losing, wennie.
Did I mention a huge pain in the ass to all around him?

But of the good ones, and the bad ones, you can trace those traits through history.

The little girl above, was my aunt.
Only met her once I know of, and was too small to remember her.
Which my older siblings, assure me was a god sent blessing to me!

She had a reputation, throughout the family.

One day my dad and I was talking.
This Aunt Diablo, as she will be referred to here, came up for some reason.

Dad said, “She is my sister, but I never seen meaner women in all my life!”

I asked him, “Daddy, why is she so mean?”

He answered, “It is in the blood son, it pops out here and there.

I have noticed so does the good blood too.

No women, got as mean as my aunt did, in one life, get to be as mean as she was, takes practice!
And lots of it!

I am on the side of reincarnation, explains a lot of things “christianity” strains to, but does not, can not explain.

So here is a story of The wrath of the my Aunt Diablo.

She was the oldest child.
Two girls stair stepped below her, then some boys.

These two younger sisters, she ruled with a sharp tongue, and a ready fist.

Time came, the She Devil got married.
She was gone a week.
The two emotionally and physically, (when my grandpa was not around), abused girls, got their first breath of freedom in their whole lives!

After a week, she and her new captive soul to torment, came by.
Diablo decided these two girls were not living up to the regiment she imposed on them from birth.

My grandad and the new prisoner, I mean husband, had walked out to the back forty, to talk about things without hearing the jabbering of females.

All of a sudden, biggest cat fight you ever heard breaks out in the house.

They go running back in, and these two younger girls, having had the taste of freedom, refused to give it up, took the Devil herself down, was beating and kicking her ass!

Embarrassed my grandfather, he said to the new husband, I will get those girls for that.

Dad always told me my aunt must went to straightening her new husband out right away, cause when he saw then too girls kicking his wife’s ass, and my grandpa said he would get the girls, he reached over, put a restraining hand on grandfathers shoulder, said: “No Pa, leave em alone!
They know what they are doing!”

Now, unless you are the Devil’s mother, you just don’t get that damn mean in one life!

Hell, now I think of it, she may have been the Devil’s mother!

I wish Americans Loved Freedom as much as my Two Aunts, who fought the battle of Le Diablo’s Last Stand, in the Revolution for Freedom, Against a tyrant!
In Gonzales, Texas.
Way back then!
(I am an ole fart now!)

John C Carleton

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