Depends Where you Are, Just How Shit Hot You Are.

I did some years as a US NAVY Sea Bee.

Top Sea Bee, anywhere I went.

An asset to the Command!
When the Shit was hitting the fan.

Peacetime, I was that Sea Bee they sent wayyyyyyyyy out in the field somewhere, when Big Brass was coming around.

I always had a tendency to tell the Brass what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear.

Very few Brass, appreciate that in a Sea Bee!

So getting my ass way away from HQ, on days Big Brass visited, was mutually acceptable to both parties.

I did not tell some captain or Admiral, they were full of shit and they were fucking my troops!
Thereby getting those above me in deep shit with higher ups.

And I did not have to put up with their bumbling pretentious asses!

Anyway, for part of my time, my home base was where the Pacific Seals hang and train.

Now for you Air Force, (Pink Ponies) or army (Corp of Combat Engineers) types, Navy is split down the middle, Atlantic Command, Pacific Command.

One day some of us ALFA Company types, were out on the dock, making a list of parts needed for repairs, a mechanic working on a piece here and there.

All of a sudden, out of the water, popped several Seals in frogman gear.

We had more M-16s pointed at our open mouthed faces and asses, than a dog can shake a stick at!

And NO ONE there, in including me, had any idea, or a clue they were there, until it was much-much too late.

And I am a Texican Hillbilly, who as a kid, snuck right up till a few feet, to white tailed deer, for fun, see if I could do it, honing my skills.

Course, one time in the woods, in war games with Seals aggressing, I took a Seal out without him having a clue I was coming.

Was training the Battalion in Hills and Woods areas
Seals Aggressing.

Chiefs gave me some real inexperienced Fk ups to train.
I was Petty Officer in Charge of guarding ALFA Company CP.
Which in this case was a couple of hummers, side a circle of trees and brush, with radios and land lines coming in.

In the time I had, I tried to get these FK ups ready for dark thirty.

Had a couple, down in some brush, facing outward, just could not be still or keep their pie holes shut!

That Night, sure nuff, frogmen get to felling froggy, break through Charlies lines, come in, take out the COC, and in a basic guerrilla tactic, break into individuals to more easily slip back outside the lines.

One of them come running by our patch of woods, hears these to Fk heads, stops, starts creeping up on my guys.

I always played the war games like they were real, because they were for training my troops, and they did not need to get killed in real, because I let em cheat when they were supposed to be learning.

As there was a brushy tree between me and this Seal, I knew in real life, if I fired the Mickey Mouse M-16 round, trying to get the seal, through that brush, I more than likely just going to warn him where I am, cause that .22 caliber round probably not going through that bush.

Now, if I had of had an M-14, I would have taken the shot, saved my two mens asses, but I had an M-16.

Therefore, I started moving around the brushy tree, towards a clear shot at the Seal.

He beat me to the punch by a hair trigger.
He took out my two guys in the brush, a split second before I fired, (Blanks), two round into the back of his head.

He turns around, mouth open, walks a couple steps, shakes my hand, and said, I am Petty Officer Blaw Blaw, Congratulations!
You took out a Seal!

I shook his hand, said:
I am Petty Officer Carleton, Hillbilly Sea Bee.
Welcome to MY WORLD!

So you see, just how Shit Hot one is, depends where one is, at the moment.

And the FK heads, if it had been real, and they had lived through it with non life threatening wounds, I would have been cleaning their shit off my boots the next day!

John C Carleton

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