Trump Says US Should Join “Great Currency Manipulation Game” By Devaluing Dollar-Zero Hedge


In buying power, the “US dollar”, Fiat Currency, printed out of thin air, by usury “bankers, “loaned” at Usury rates, to the USA CORPORATION, is today worth, maybe, one cent of a Pre-Not federal, No reserve(s), and Not a bank Dollar.

Now the Usury bastards want that last cent out of the working Americans wallet.

Let you in on a little secret, the fiat currency buys less and less every single day.

Some years back, to hide the inflation, the “government” started a paper scam of selling “paper” gold and silver, dumpingg huge masses of parer on the market every single day, to keep the price of gold and silver down, to disguise the inflation rate of the fiat currency.

Depending on which people you take your figures from, there is between one and two hundred paper claims which have been sold, for every available Troy Ounce of gold and silver actually existing, outside private holdings.

This means things will be propped up, until after the election, then it is anybodies guess when in the game of musical economic chairs, the music stops.

There is a report out, about all the crop failures because of the changing weather patterns, all over the world.
As well as I know in America, a lot of farm land not planted, because it was to wet to plow at planting time.

Best learn to garden, start getting you some silver and gold, in your hand, buried in the back yard on a black night if necessary.

Some recommend Bit-Coin, and Lite-coin, and such.
I personally don’t know enough to advise on that, but I need to study up on that also.
Not against the idea, just been too busy to study in-depth the new electronic currencies.

Some years back, packaged products at grocery stores, were made smaller, and sold for the same price.
Again, to hide the inflation, but as the inflation kept right on going, now they sell the smaller package of products, for more dollars.

It is not that prices are going up, it is just the dollar buys less all the time, and it takes more of them green paper things to get a smaller package of a product, which used to be larger, and take less green paper to buy.

In. other words, the Four horsemen are on their steeds, awaiting the call to ride.

Love your family?

If you do, you best get prepared.

John C Carleton

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