Why Does Evil Exist

Ever ask yourself that?

Think how great it would be if evil could be banished from this world?

Not going to happen.
Evil is necessary for this world to function properly.

That does not mean one does not fight evil, one must unless one is working for the Dark side.
But evil is necessary because, this world is a school, and a test, for spiritual growth.

Never going to be a “Gods” kingdom on Earth, a Utopia on this rock.
If this world became perfect, without temptation from the Dark side, evil, then it would be useless for a school for developing souls.

If there were no evil, there could be no good.
If one does not have the evil to compare, to gauge good by, then one has no benchmark of what good is.
If there is no temptation to do evil, or wrong, there can be no overcoming the temptation.
If there is no overcoming the evil, the temptation, there is no lessons learned, no spiritual growth.

Lets put it another way.
If there were no night, one would not understand darkness, one would not appreciate the illumination the light of day brings.
One would simply take for granted the light.

If there were no zionist pedophillic Russian Expat and Spawn Non Semitic Khazarians, no self righteous zionizt pedophillic yankee “puritan” scum, collaborating with evil, one would not understand evil, would not understand the need to strive for self improvement, as one would not have a gauge of the evil to compare ones own self to.

Now, just because evil has to exist, for good to exist, one should not use that as an excuse not to fight evil with all of ones being.
There has to be a balance between good and evil.

This world, is way out of balance, the evil has multiplied till good is in the minority in the present.
There will, for the good of the school of souls, which is Earth, have to be adjustments made.
The evil will have to be brought under control, reduced to a much smaller footprint.

The evil zionist, the evil souls, will one day, be forced by the Source, to grow.
The evil sons of bitches today, which any soul fighting evil despises because of the heartbreak, the pain, the suffering their actions bring to this world, will one day be the souls fighting what they are right now.

Thats the way this school works.

The babies, getting their butts wiped clean of poop, will soon enough, grow up, become the adult, who wipes.the poop from babies butts.

But that does not mean one does not strive to potty train the baby, not to poop their pants, but to poop in the toilet.

In the same way, those on the side of good, must strive to teach those on the side of evil, not to spiritually poop their pants.

Somertimes lessons are easy, learning is easy.
Sometimes it is a bitch.
When learning is a bitch, it is because one has rejected learning the easy way, accepting the spiritual growth from gentle suggestions and chastisement.

Some souls are just stubborn ass holes, and have to be bitch slapped HARD, they asses kicked HARD, to get their attention, to decide, you know what, maybe I should just get with the program and learn my lessons, not to do this evil Micky Mouse shit any more!

So those working for the Light, for Good, sometimes have to be stern, harsh, with the evil spiritual babies.

If you are a parent, with a couple of kids. and one is always starting shit with the other one, always hurting the other one, do you just verbally say no, don’t do that, time after time after time?

No, at some point, the parent grows tired of seeing the one child hurt or make miserable the other, and as verbal pleadings to stop their evil actions has had no effect, one takes the trouble causing child, and whips their ass!

The smart evil child, decides not to do that evil shit anymore, as they don’t want to get their ass busted again, for the same thing, same evil actions, again and again.

Thats learning their lesson.

Now, the evil sons of bitches, in this world, starting Usury banker’s wars, raping children, slaughtering humanity, have been verbally told again and again, what you are doing is evil, you need to stop your evil actions against others.

They have refused to learn to stop their evil shit, from verbal prompts.

Thus, it is time for the spiritual ass busting.

Sometimes it takes getting hanged by the neck until dead, to cure an evil soul of their evil actions.
The soul them, realizes, you know, next life, I don’t want to get my ass hanged again, and again, and again, so perhaps, I need to look inward at my actions, and make some changes.

So if you think it is horrible to have to put some evil sons of bitches, out of their misery, for their evil actions, then you are the sorry assed parent, who’s high school aged kids, still shit their pants, cause you never taught them not to, as you did not want to be “mean”.

Evil is way out of adjustment, the yin and the yang must be brought into proper portions.

If to do this, means one must be “harsh”, as a loving parent must be Harsh with the child which does not want to stop pooping their pants, then so be it.

I for one, am damned tired of wiping evils ass.
Cleaning up the messes the stubborn evil ass holes make with their refusals to stop their evil and grow spiritually.

Adjustments are coming.
How harsh those adjustments have to be, will depend on how badly the evil sons of bitches want to keep spiritually shitting their pants.

In other words, how hard, and how many times they get their ass beat, is up to them.

But I for one, am tired of telling them again and again and again, to stop their shit!
I am tired of smelling their shit in their pants, because they refuse to use the spiritual toilet.

I am ready to bend them over, and apply as much ass beating as is necessary, to teach them to stop spiritually shitting their pants.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

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