Liberty Has Lost Its Protection-Paul Craig Roberts

Personally not a fan of the replacement “constitution”, which replaced the Articles of Confederation, the Rebels against Britain fought under, and for.

The Articles gave the Americans freedom at the end of a long hard, bloody war.

The replacement constitution, forced on Revolution War veterans, by Empire Builders, lawyers, political Prostitutes, Elites, stole that freedom from Americans, and replaced them with promised liberties.

Libertys are for slaves, freedom is for free men.

Even these promised “constitutional “liberties”, have been reneged on.

If you as an American, think you are free, stop paying Income Tax, (tribute), property taxes, (tribute), or give the bird to a cop who hides along a lonely stretch off road, jumps out with a weapon, demands money!

See how long you last without being kidnapped, held for ransom, or getting killed!

Be that as it may, at first USA/WASHINGTON DC, honored most of the ” constitutional” promises of “liberties”.

No more, not now.

American are just slaves.

“Law enFORCEment”, (I’m old enough to remember American Peace Officers), has been used to cow Americans into not even demanding a few of the promised “constitutional liberties.

I wish American were educated and had a set of balls!

John C Carleton

Liberty Has Lost Its Protection

Paul Craig Roberts

July 4 should be a day of mourning. The rights our ancestors fought for have been taken away.

Over the course of my lifetime there has been a fundamental shift in the attitude of the judiciary toward Constitutional rights. I remember when guarding against any diminishing of constitutional rights was considered more important than convicting another criminal. There were cases in which the evidence needed in order to convict a person could not be collected, or used if collected, because it violated constitutional rights. There are many instances of criminals walking free because police, prosecutors, and trials violated their rights. Much of the unthinking public would be enraged, because judges let a criminal off. The public were unable to understand that the judges were protecting their rights as well as the criminal’s.

This is an age old problem. In Robert Bolt’s play, A Man for All Seasons, Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England, is criticized for refusing to bend the law in order to better pursue criminals. Sir Thomas asks his critic, if I cut down the law in order to pursue devils, what happens to the innocent when authority turns on them? This question formerly had a powerful presence in the courtroom.

Over the course of my lifetime, the emphasis shifted from protecting constitutional rights to seeing them as obstacles to law enforcement. In order to convict a single individual or class of individuals, precedents were established that set aside constitutional rights that protected everyone. The judiciary began stripping away constitutional protections of the entire population in order that one more guilty person could be more easily convicted.


Liberty Has Lost Its Protection

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