Every 12 Minutes, The United States Drops A Bomb Somewhere.

Warvangelical puritan zionist “christianity” missionary work!

Glory-Glory Hallelujah!

Nothing quite like slaughtering Humanity for JESUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John C Carleton

The United States, which is not legally at war with a single foreign country, is dropping bombs on foreigners at the astounding rate of 121 bombs per day — one bomb every 12 minutes. Worse still, most of the victims of these bombs are not the intended targets. And even worse, the news media, which harps on alleged First World victims such as the transgendered, is silent about the death and destruction being wrought by U.S. munitions the world over.

According to Defense Department figures cited by TruthDig columnist Lee Camp, the U.S. military under President Donald Trump dropped 44,096 bombs last year. That works out to 121 bombs per day or one every 12 minutes.

If Trump maintains this rate for the remainder of his presidency, he will easily outpace Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who were no slouches in the bombing department. Bush dropped 70,000 bombs during his two terms, which comes to 24 bombs per day. Obama, who won a Nobel Peace Prize essentially for not being Bush, bested his predecessor by 30,000 bombs, dropping them at a rate of 34 per day.


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