Peter Mayer – Why I published ‘Hitler’s Generals’ by David Irving (86/99)-YouTube

There are few men I admire in this world today.
David Irving is one of them.

David Irvin was a successful author, living a good life, well covered in the media when he would bring out a book.

But he is a truth teller, and he went down too many rabbit holes to back up.

So he wrote the documented real truth of the World Wars, World politics which brought them, books on all the main characters of that era.

And he has lived under attack, personal hardships, financial hardships ever after.
He has never faltered in his duty to the truth.
The reason he is attacked so viciously, is the truth is like sunshine to Dracula, to certain “governments” and “people”, (not real sure some of them are human).

If you want the truth of those years and main characters, I will without reservations, recommend his books.

Here is a link to where you can buy his book.
There are also some book on the site for free download.

John C Carleton

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