All USA Wars Have Been Aggressor Wars, and Unjustified

No wars the USA ever fought can be justified.

Only two wars in European American History, can be justified.
The British American Colonies revolt against the British Empire, for freedom, and the Confederates side of the war of criminal aggression by the USA against the foreign to the USA, sovereign Confederate States of America.

Of the two, the only one the USA was in involved with was the Holocaust of the Southern people, 1861-1865, and the USA was the war criminal aggressor and invader.

The united States , under the Articles of Confederation, is not the same thing as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which is a foreign corporation, incorporated under the British Empire law, and did not exist, at or during the time of the American Revolution for Freedom, against the British Empire.
THE USA was formed later, by Usury bankers, political prostitutes, elites, with the forcing of the “Constitution” on the American people, making them slaves to the USA.

Sorry American sheep, the grass you graze on has been sprinkled liberally with BULLSHIT and LIES.

John C Carleton