If Trump Wants War With Iran For Mossad Attacking The Tankers, Let Him and His Israhell Firster Bimbo Daughter Pick Up M-16s, And Take Point

Mossad will hit the tankers, all you have to do if convince Americans to fight and die for Israhell, again!

It is time for the usual suspects lying their asses off, supporting Israhell false flags to start wars beneficial for the Non-Semitic Russian Expat & spawn thereof Khazarians, and detrimental to America and Americans, to pick up a damn rifle, and take point.

Come on Trump, how about you and your Israhell loving, American hating bimbo spawn, take one for the team?

Take mercy on the poor kids who usually get their asses blown off for Israhell!



John C Carleton

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