Humanity Must Stop The Usury Banker Wars

Generation after generation, our children are used as Usury slaves, Sexual party favors, and cannon fodder by evil pedophilic degenerate bastards.

The common man slaughters each other, blows up whole cites and countries, so rich ass holes, can get richer, more personal power, get a better death grip on the neck of human freedom.

Those who have not seen war, have no idea of the pain, suffering, horror, the stinking death brought by wars started based on lies.

The common man is taught they are cattle, to be used as the elite, the “State” sees fit.
The common man is indoctrinated when the “State” kills them, in war or for perceived “transgressions” against the “State”, it is justified.

The common man is indoctrinated from birth, with the false belief, if he rebels against the State, which is using him or his prodigy, for a slave, or cannon fodder in unnecessary wars, then he is a criminal, and if he kills one of the elites which kills his, in defense of his blood or freedom, he is a murderer.

This is bull shit!

“God”, did not make a one class of people the owner of others, evil sons of bitches decided themselves they owned, were the rulers of other humans.

The most humble, poorest human alive, has the right to kill his oppressors, to save his own freedom and life, or the freedom and lives of his own, his people, his country.

It is time, for the common man to understand, he is his own God, in that God gave him life, a brain, a soul, a right to defend those God given blessings and rights, from would be gods and kings.

Humanity should have evolved way past the shit hole place and life, the elite have forced on humanity.

There can be no true spiritual growth as long as someone else claims ownership of you, and you accept that ownership.

When you kiss the ass of the evil sons of bitches who call themselves “bankers”, presidents, kings, rulers, you are not only condemning your own self and prodigy to a life of misery of slavery, you are condemning, through collaboration, those around you to slavery and a life of shit!

It is time for the sheep people, to educate themselves, rear up, walk on two legs, become human.
The future of humanity depends on the sheep doing so!

Get er done!

John C Carleton