The Warrior

There is a warrior class.

Reincarnation, is the truth, not a one shot, up or down soul, but a soul, an energy, whatever you want to call the inner i, that which is you, not the body, but the soul which has used and cast many bodies aside, and who’s bones are scattered all over this earth, through many lives here.

In every society, there are classes of people who specialize in certain skills, services and professions.
Stone masons.
Madams of Cat houses.
Political whores.
Religious charlatans.

Now, warriors are viewed as someone the sheep would rather not have around them in peacetime, because top predators, always make the sheep fearful and uneasy, when the predator animal walks by or among them.

But come another war, the damned sheep and their whore politicians get into with their evil self serving, self righteous bull shit, and OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the sheep LOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE the warriors.

By the way, sending a sheep through military training, putting a uniform on him, handing him a weapon, have him kill other sheep for you, does not make the sheep a warrior.

Make him a sheep you have trained to kill.
Some of the sheep grow to love the killing.
But they still sheep.
Most of the trained killer sheep, when taking off the uniform, the killer is laid aside with the symbols of the killing.

Nope talking real warriors, ones who life in, life out, has fought wars.
Sometime all through their lives.
In between wars, the warrior is often a craftsman, person of the courts and law, a statesman in government employ, or some other area of putting food on the table, passing time till the next war.

But they NEVER fit in really, with the sheep.

A Warrior, will recognize another.

The warrior is expected to become and act like a sheep in between wars, but un banish the beast of war when the sheep bleat in fear of a perceived attack.

The real warrior, will learn to not talk about certain things, do certain things, act in certain ways, in peacetime, so as not to cause the sheep to shit and piss their wool in bowel loosening fear.

Life in, life out, the warrior does his profession, cleaning up the messes, the sheep and their political whores cause.

Revolutions, invasions, civil wars, retaliatory wars, wars for a good economy at home.

Life after damned life, kill for the ungrateful, self righteous, lying, self serving, collaborating with evil sheep!

Tell you something sheep don’t understand.
A warrior, a true one anyway, does not like to kill.
They understand, the taking of life, even in a justified war, must be payed for in Karma.
The dead one has slain, does not sit well with ones supper, or bring about long restful nights of un interrupted sleep.

Therefore, a real warrior, will not kill if it is not necessary.

I for one am damn tired of the fighting, the killing, for nothing.

You fight a revolution for freedom, within a generation or two, the sheep will have collaborated with the elite jackals, sold that hard won freedom for a cold six pack and an half an hour with a warm piece of ass!

War is not working!

Humanity is not evolving!

In fact, humanity and society is sliding backwards, at a high rate of speed, down a steep slope, greased with owl shit, into that dark cavern of evil and ignorance, from which the warrior helped them crawl out of, so many lives before!

The warrior class, like a loving, doting parent of a smart assed disrespectful child, has been enabling the sheep to remain ignorant, disrespectful, self righteous, self serving, fearful of every frigging thing sheep.

Ones homeland will need to be cleaned up, foreigners who rape, rob and murder your people dealt with, some expelled, some facing a Fair Common Law Trial, followed by a Fair hanging.

But beyond that, I propose to my brother warriors, the ones who’s bodies I have killed, as well as have had my bodies killed by, from time to time, war once again, becomes only a last resort, to stop an invasion by a foreign people or power, and to overthrow tyrants from time to time.

Let me remind you however, what a very learned brother warrior wrote so long ago, in ‘The Art of War’.
“Sometimes, the battle/war, not fought, is the battle/war, won.”

There are other ways, to deal with would be slave masters, kings, popes, “gods”, better ways, to deal with such scum, than mass devastation, slaughter, mayhem.
More surgical procedures.

Now if humanity is to grow, spiritually, I want to see no, or very little of the thing I am best at in this world.
Kicking ass in war, slaughtering, winning fame and fortune with my sword.

It is evident the sheep are not going to clean up our lands, make a better place for our prodigy, to including ourselves reincarnated, to grow up, live, and learn

It is evident, the pedophilic politicians, bankers, jackals wearing military uniform with stars on their collars or shoulders, are not going to get the job done.
They don’t even want to clean society up.

So it comes down to this my brothers in arms, the Warrior class, must come together, organize, decide steps to be taken, then see those steps are taken

Fucking pedophilic Usury bankers have their clubs and insider secret organizations to fleece the sheep, keep the warriors fighting each other, life in and life out.
Rubbing the Warriors noses together like dogs to get us to go at each other, for their perverse pleasure and Usury profit.

Used like vicious fighting dogs, tormented / made mad, to use in the ring of fight till death.

To be gambled on, cheered on, in the bloodletting.

I am sick of this shit!

There must be a spiritual gathering of warriors, world wide.

It is our job to clean this sheep, rat and jacket shit up.

It always has been.

Warriors just got a bit sidetracked for a few thousand lives, that all!

Think about it Warriors.
No sheep or jackals in uniform, need apply for membership.

John C Carleton

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