Sometimes The Gods Just Screw With Your Ass For Fun, Or I Don’t Like Ike!

Got a package today, from a purchase on Ebay.

Saw this “Freedom” series of silver one ounce rounds, with Ole George, Washington that is, who saved the American’s asses in the American Revolution against Britain, knelling in prayer at Valley Forge on one side, and his first cousin, WW 1 Colonel, and WW 2 General, General George S Patton on the other side.

They wanted a bit more for an ounce of silver than I can get it for down the street, but I liked this, both being kinfolk and all.

So I bought it, payed almost $18.00 US shipping from overseas.

I got it today, in anticipation, I opened the package, and looked at the Kansas No Combat Treasonous to America, ass kissing “general” Dwight Eisenhower!!!!!!!!???????????

I have not heard back, but here is the email I sent on a reply to the email showing I bought a real warriors coin, not a fake pussy general.

As you can see, I ordered a George Patton coin.
I received a Dwight Eisenhower coin.
I have a Ike US dollar coin in a chamber pot I urinate on each and every morning.
I have no use for an Ike coin .
Please advise of action you will take to fix this problem.
Than you, John C Carleton

Now in all fairness, I also piss on the war criminal Lincoln.

The War Criminal, treasonous to America, Red Bolshevik loving bestest butties with the criminally insane, mass murdering Joseph Stalin, FDR who called the mass murdering Stalin, affectionally, “Uncle Joe.

Usury Banker Alexander Hamilton who invented the “elastic clause” in the constitution, to tax everyone’s ass for everything.
(Vice President Burr who finally had to shoot the evil ass hole, was a cousin I am proud to say).

The “witch” burning spawn of puritan self righteous yankees, John Q Adams.

The Lincoln memorial, each and every morning.

Looking for a “field marshall” Montgomery coin for cheap.
But not going to pay a lot to piss on ole Go Slow and Get a Lot of men killed, Monty.
He was never worth a whole lot anyway.
Except in his own mind!

John C Carleton