China Buys Most Gold In Over 3 Years Amid “Determined Diversification” From Dollar

In 1933, the war criminal communist Usury “bankers” puppet, FDR, confiscated Americans gold, then took the illegal per the USA constitution, Private Usury “bank”, falsely known as the “Federal Reserve”, Fiat counterfeiting and Usury scam, forced on the American an people in 1913, by bribe taking presidents, senators, house of Rep. members, (sold out whores one and all!), fiat “dollar”, off the gold standard.

I was a kid in 1965, when those new coins came out with that new “sandwich” look.

1964, was when the bastards debased the currency more, and every after faster after this, took the Fiat “dollar” off the Silver Standard.

One US “dollar” today, buys what maybe one-two cents of a pre Not Federal “dollar” appearing in 1913.

So at least 98 percent of the wealth of the American people has been sucked up into Usury “bankers” pockets in just a tad over one hundred years.

They damn well want that last two Cents!
Greedy bastards!

John C Carleton