YouTube’s Increasing Censoring of the Truth

The American General, who would not sell out America, so the USA and their Red Bolshevik communist butties murdered him.

YouTube is a Khazarain RothsRat controlled media censoring tool.

A common mistake many Americans make, when they see such in your face censorship, is to assume lost revenues from such behavior, will force the company to stop their censorship.


There is no circulated lawful money in America.
The USA, has forced on the American souls’ fiat, fake money.

Fake money, is not money, b ut currency.

So America has no money, only currency.

The real owner, controller of that company, can print all the fake currency he wants, to buy or start a replacement Video platform, to continue the censorship, on the Rat’s new platform, once YouTube goes belly-up, or becomes meaningless.

And the “bankrupted” puppet “owner”, will not be living on the street and eating out of trash dumpsters.

Therefore, Americans should start seeking alternative platforms and sites.

Just be aware, a rebel site starts getting too much truth out, they will buy it out and start their censorship.

Remember, they can print off all that funny money they want to.

Currency, is not what this is about, hiding the truth from Americans, keeping Americans compliant slaves, is what it is all about.

There is a backlash starting in America, at the pedophilic treasonous acts of the Russian Expat & spawn, Non-Semitic Khazarian Turkmen/slavic halfbreed outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, using America for a piggy bank, raping the Land, raping American children, murdering American children, using American children as cannon fodder, in zionist wars of war criminal aggression, for the benefit of the little Non Semitic Crime Cabal, Israhell, holed up in New Khazaria, Occupied Palestine.

The Khazarian street mutts know it.

They are scared.

They are pulling out all the stops, putting their zionist Hazbaras, censorship, MSM propaganda, prostituted politicians, at full throttle, damn the truth, full speed ahead!

Have had two of my own videos censored at YouTube now.

Because they were historically truthful, according to Youtube’s email, they find the raw bleeding truth, “inappropriate” and “offensive”!

I have paid for an account, at Vimeo.

Have a few videos there, have not seen a lot of traffic on them as with Youtube.

But YouTube can not take them down or restrict them being seen in. 51 countries, as they did one of mine.
In that video, I wore a Confederate Uniform vest, had a Trans-Mississippi Naval Jack behind me, told a bit of history and sang the time honored song, Rebel Soldier.

Have to censor that!

There was a video on youtube, with quotes from America’s Last General, General George S Patton.
And pointing the finger at his murderers.

I posted a link on this site, with the heading, “We fought the wrong Enemy”,truthful historically correct piece of American History, which the Khazarian pedophilic bastards at YouTube, does not want Americans to see, so YouTube took it down because it was “offensive and inappropriate”.

That Damned Inconvenient Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not like I really need more things to do, but I am planning a project, where I do a informational video on General Pattons thoughts on certain things, put it on Vimeo.

That way, when I post a link on a piece to such a Patton quotes video, truths about WW 2 and the USA’s collaboration with the Red Bolshevik communist Russians, against the interest of America, and Americans., I know it will be there for someone to watch, not pulled in fear because it told some Inconvenient Truths.

Along with his being murdered by the USA and their buddy the mass murdering insane homicidal maniac Josep Stalin.

Ole George had a quote i have made one of my own.

“May God have mercy one my enemies. Because, I will not!”

John C Carleton