The yankee Memorial Day, In The USA War Criminal Occupied South.

There are only two wars in American history, which were justified.

The first, when the American colonist threw off the yoke of the British Empire, for a few years, and the Confederacy’s fight against the invasion by a foreign military power, the USA.

Thats it!

The rest, Americans were dragged into, tricked into, false flag attacks used to piss off Americans so they would fight in evil Usury banker wars which did not benefit Americas, against people who had not attacked America.

You will note, USA/FDR, the communist Red Bolshevik and mass murder Stalin loving treasonous ass, forced Japan to attack the USA military at Pearl Harbor, so Americans would get mad and fight in another pre planned Usury Bankers war, which America wanted nothing to do with.

You will note, Japan did not attack America, Japan attacked the USA military, in a Polynesian Kingdom which the USA was illegally, by force of arms, occupying.

USA does not = America.

So on this day of Memorial for dead warriors of past wars, I have some people to honor and memorialize.

My third great-grandfather Carleton, who served three years with Virginia in the American revolution, spent that hard, harsh, hungry, cold winter at Valley Forge with Washington, where he is documented as standing guard duty, and in hospital.
Wounded in the chest with a musket ball at the Battle of Brandywine.
Served again with the North Carolina militia.

My third great grandfather Petty, who served two enlistments with Washington, the second acting as a scout, which means if he had been caught by the British, they would have hanged him as a spy.

My fourth great grandfather Wright, the father in law of my third great grandfather Petty.
He went to war, served with Washington, with the Virginia troops, although he was old enough he could have stayed home, no one would have said a thing.

He died soon after the war from complications to his lungs brought on by soldiering in the harsh winters.

My ancestors were not summer soldiers, who deserted and went home to their warm fireplaces and beds when things got cold, hungry and rough.

My fourth Great Grandfather Baker, on my mothers side, who served with the Militia.

My fifth great grandfather Wright, who although too old to go soldier with Washington, served in the Virginia Home Guards.

I Know there are more, just don’t have the time to do the research work to find them.
I honor them anyway.

I honor my Confederate ancestors who fought the evil of the baby raping, ministers daughters gang raping, raping black women to death, digging up the dead, thieving, mass murdering, church, courthouse, farmhouse, and whole cites filled with defenseless civilian, burning, USA yankee war criminal sons of bitches.

My great grandfather Carleton, Confederate soldier and Chaplain.

My great great grandfather Dubose, who deserted from an infantry outfit with bad officers, who were getting their troops slaughtered, as a corporal.
He was a sergeant in the Cavalry when the Confederate authorities caught up with him.
The official entrance in his record says, “In cavalry without authorization”.

My great great grandfather Baker, 13th Regiment Texas Cavalry, the duration of the war.
Came home, married the widow of a friend died in the war, raised his friend children, along with his.

My great great grandfather Martin, 1st Texas Light Artillery.
Part of the force which marched in to San Antonio, took the surrender of the USA yankee forces, stayed and guarded the city until other security could be arranged.
They came to be know as the Alamo City Guards.

In appreciation, the yankee Khazarian descended yankee Mayor Pendejoberg, and his merry band of Mexico firsters, on city council, tore down, stole, refuse to return to the rightful owners, the Confederate statue, which stood in a park from 1899, as a memorial to the Confederate Heroes who defended Texas from the invading yankee war criminals and baby raping mass murdering thieves.

My great great uncle Randolph Carleton, marched away to defend his country and people.
My great great grandmother, mourned for him till she died.
She never knew where he was killed, or if he even received a burial.

My cousins Frank and Jessie James, Quartiles Raiders.

My cousin, Col. James Barton, Texas Cavalry, (different commands through the war, wounded several times) CSA.

My cousin Lt. Colonel John Washington, last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon.
Tent mate, cousin, friend and Aid de Camp to Robert E Lee.
Assassinated from concealment by yankee war criminals, (shot three times in the back from concealment) at Cheat mountain, Virginia, (now West Virginia), 11 September, 1861, CSA.

My cousin General James Longstreet, CSA.

My cousin General Richard Taylor, CSA.

My cousin General Stonewall Jackson, murdered by evil yankee USA war criminals, while defending his land and people.

My cousin General Robert E Lee.

God Bless General Robert E Lee!

I honor them, their sacrifices.
I am damn well proud of them, each and every one.

I also honor, every last American Revolutionary War, and every last Confederate soldier, from the lowest private to the highest generals.

May America find her freedom and way, once more.

John C Carleton