For Every Yin, There Is a Yang, or Now Paying For Those Easy South Texas Winters.

Having a cold front.
Gets down to 77-78 degrees at night!

Been pulling weeds for my zionist reincarnated as goats.
Sweating my butt off already.

But is sure in nice in winter.
Still remember the blizzard of 1984.
Got three feet of snow!

Two three years ago, a grandson went on a trip to Colorado.
He was so excited to see snow!
Any way!
Goats love brush, weeds.
Must be the zionist in em!
They will turn their backs on good green grass, to chew the bark off of trees, so they can kill the trees.
They will turn their noses up at good green grass, and eat weeds.

Kind of like them pedophilic Usury practicing, genociding Khazarian Riussian Expats & spawn, turn their noses up, turn their back on, the Illumination of the Light, and seek out dark, dank, moldy places, to practice their evil.

Now, won’t use pesticides or herbicides on my land.
I am a friend of Mother Earth and would not think of poisoning her.
Burn the zionist web worms, trying to kill my mulberry tree.
Smash the asses of the worms, bugs i find on my plants, and pull undesirable weeds up by the roots, before they produce seeds.
Never seem to get all the seeds, cause every year, the undesirables come back.

If one were to get their yard, land, completely free of weeds and weed seeds, some zionist virus infected bird would fly over, take a shit, and drop the weed seeds back in your yard anyway.

Mother Nature always wins.

So I pull the weeds I don’t care for, up by the roots, with no illusion I will not be doing it again next year.

Have noticed this year, seeing almost no honey bees.
The stupid control freak sheep, watching too many Monsatan commercials, have sprayed Round Up, about half the formula of Agent Orange, which killed so many Viet Nam Vets, still killing them, while the VA shafts them on compensation, on every square foot of earth they can find.

I sometimes wonder, when the idiot sheep have killed off all the pollinators, are they going to eat their well manicured lawn grass?

Yellow jackets are the ones doing the pollinating around here now, and I guaranteed the dumb ass sheep, kill every nest of them they can find!

Maybe, the sheep need to learn to eat weeds with the zionist goats.

Because in the end, when Round Up is banned, unless they manually pull weeds the way I do, their yard will be a weed patch.

Mother Nature always wins and collects her dues.

Every notice, goats and zionist destroy, kill, everything beneficial around them.

Goats eat the bark off of trees, kill the trees, then are unhappy there is no shade from the sun.
Build them a shed, you better build it out of very heavy materials, or they will tare it to the ground, destroy it by butting it, each other into it.
Then are unhappy they have no shelter from the sun and rain.

Damn zionist!
Whichever form, two legged as Khaqzarians or Israhell Firtser, kill the Palestinians “christians, or four legged goats.
Destructive, devious, trouble causing, nature damaging evil.

But BBQed zionist, over slow coals, or in Goat sausage, damn tasty.

Lost my taste for sheep many lives back.

I am a zionist eater myself, no sheep please.
Mix a little zionist swine with some zionist goat, not a better tasting sausage I have found!
Ground, makes good hamburger patties, spaghetti meat, Texas burn your butt the next day Chile!
Stews, roast.
Good stuff!

Guess I will go pull some more weeds for the reincarnated goats.

Ever notice, zionist and goats never repent of their destruction and evil acts?

John C Carleton

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