Wanted! One Large Country to Adopt Mad Dog Pet.


One large country to adopt mad dog pet.
Name is USA.
Not house broken, shits all over the place.
Kills weaker innocent animals around it.
Steals other dogs food, bones, rapes their young.
Always blames some other dog every single time it shits on the floor, rapes the young, murders some innocent animals.
Eats a whole lot, food bill is astronomical.
Seems to be influenced in it’s evil acts by it’s best bud, Israhell, a Russian bred Khazarian Pedophile street mutt.

Will send its red, white and blue blanket which it uses to try to cover its evil acts, with it.
Might need to dry clean it’s blanket.
Very filthy, stained with shit and others blood.

Call I-am a-n ev i-l ass, in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

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