US Legal System

The Appian Way, which along a several mile strip, six thousand slaves were crucified as a warning to slaves and conquered peoples, NEVER question the dictates of Rome!

US Legal System, is a misnomer.
Nothing Legal about the USA court system.

USA court systems, are Corporate court systems, under the “authority” of Admiralty law, the Law of the Sea.
Cut through the fancy names, what you have is Roman Law.
There was NEVER,EVER, anything kind or just about Roman Law.
Roman Law was the Rules the rich and strong, enforced on conquered peoples.
Was not meant to be kind or just.
Was meant to be brutal, in order to keep slaves and conquered peoples from revolting against Rome.
Revolting against Rome, got 6,000 slaves crucified along a miles long stretch of the Appian way, as a warning to other slaves, to NEVER question the dictates of Rome!

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