How Many Germans Died Under RAF Bombs at Dresden in 1945?-Unz Review

Pure premeditated mass murder of tens of thousands of civilians in a horrible death

Folks, official USA “history”, should be filed under fiction in the library.

Same for Russian, French, UK, EU, and occupied Germany’s “history” books.

The USA, Russia, Britain, hanged for war crimes, Japanese and German Prisoners of War, and German civilian officials, for less numeral and brutal war crimes than those victorious countries which set in judgement of, and executioner of, the losers.

This deals with England’s war crime of purposely fire bombing a non military target for pure terrorism and Holocaust purposes.

What is less known is there were USA pilots in USA fighter planes purposely machine gunning women, children and old men who escaped the flames and made it to the open spaces such as parks.

The history the world, science, creation, religion, you have been indoctrinated with, is pig shit!

Sorry, never believed in pulling the band aid off a fraction at a time.

Just get er done!

The Ole Dog!


The bombing of Dresden remains one of the deadliest and morally most-problematic raids of World War II. Three factors make the bombing of Dresden unique: 1) a huge firestorm developed that engulfed much of the city; 2) the firestorm engulfed a population swollen by refugees; and 3) defenses and shelters even for the original Dresden population were minimal.[1] The result was a high death toll and the destruction of one of Europe’s most beautiful and cultural cities.

Many conflicting estimates have been made concerning the number of deaths during the raids of Dresden on February 13-14, 1945. Historian Richard J. Evans estimates that approximately 25,000 people died during these bombings.[2] Frederick Taylor estimates that from 25,000 to 40,000 people died as a result of the Dresden bombings.[3] A distinguished commission of German historians titled “Dresden Commission of Historians for the Ascertainment of the Number of Victims of the Air Raids on the City of Dresden on 13/14 February 1945” estimates the likely death toll in Dresden at around 18,000 and definitely not more than 25,000.[4] This later estimate is considered authoritative by many sources.

While exact figures of deaths in the Dresden bombings can never be obtained, some Revisionist historians estimate a death toll at Dresden as high as 250,000 people. Most establishment historians state that a death toll at Dresden of 250,000 is an absolute impossibility. For example, Richard Evans states:

Even allowing for the unique circumstances of Dresden, a figure of 250,000 dead would have meant that 20% to 30% of the population was killed, a figure so grossly out of proportion to other comparable attacks as to have raised the eyebrows of anyone familiar with the statistics of bombing raids…even if the population had been inflated by an influx of refugees fleeing the advance of the Red Army.


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