Some Reading Material, and One Video, For yankee puritan Self-Righteous “witch” Burners, Holier Than Thou New York “Jews”, and Late Comer Mexicans, Confused About Slavery in America

One of my grandsons Spanish teacher at a Catholic School, informed his class Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner, “bad Americans”!

i told him to tell her, his 7th great grandfather was an English Slave in Colonial Virginia, not an “indentured servant”, a slave.

Told him to tell the Texican hating late comer, his 3rd Great grandmother was a Native American Slave in Mexico.
After the slaves were freed, she married her former owner.
Poncho Villa murdered most of them, and the rest got to Texas.

Told him to tell her, all these Catholic Missions, all the tourist go to, were slave quarters where Native American were slaves to the Catholic Church, locked up and worked to death by the Catholic Priest.

If you going to tell some history, either know what the hell you are talking about, or if you do know what you are talking about, don’t cherry pick your facts, for your personal agenda.

Thats called lying by a hypocrite.

Truth, real history, is never black and white, cut and dried, or approved by the US “government”.

John C Carleton

Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South Paperback – April 17, 1986…
Black Slaves, Indian Masters: Slavery, Emancipation, and Citizenship in the Native American South Paperback – February 1, 2015…
Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860…
Northern Slave Black Dakota: The Life and Times of Joseph Godfrey Walt Bachman Paperback – Large Print, April 8, 2013
“Born a slave in free territory, Joseph Godfrey died widely reviled for his controversial role in the U.S. Dakota War of 1862. Separated from his mother at age five when his master sold her, Joseph Godfrey was kept in bondage in Minnesota to serve the fur – trade elite.”…
White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America…

HISTORY: [New York] Jewish Slavetrade Documentary

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