Truthphobia, the Unrelenting, All Consuming, Horrifying, Sheep Like Fear of the Truth

Truthphobia seems to have infected the vast majority of the America sheep herd.

Truthphobia is a disease with side effects such as an extremely severe lack of intestinal fortitude, mental cowardice, and self imposed ignorance.

Organized, State sanctioned religious gatherings, is thought to be one of the risky behaviors which is leading to the spread of this mental and moral disease among the American sheep people herd.

The State run Government Indoctrination Centers, called public education, is in fact, a place where the children are examined, while being indoctrinated with amoral teachings, State lies, politically correct feel good bullshit.

Any who show signs of inoculation against the mass infection of the children the “schools” are really there for, is labeled a problem child, drugged till they drool, funneled into the juvenile criminal system, if the childs parents do not fight for their childs health and very future, against these evil State child abusers.

Another point of risky behavior leading to mass infections seems to be State approved places of higher “education”.

It is thought another risky behavior is the mass infection caused by electronic media, television, movies, YouTube, Facebook, and other such risky behaviors of participation, lead to mass infections of their mental illness in the herd like American people sheep.

5G frying their brain receptors perhaps?

Once infected, this disease often tends to cause the infected Head up Annus American sheep, to forceable, shove their own heads up their own asses, to block out the Illumination of the Light of the Truth which they fear so horribly.
Fear of Truth!

As for as inoculations, if the child is infused with truth and reality early in life, most will maintain a life long immunity to the infectious disease.

If however, shielded from reality, not exposed to truth, Light and reality at an early age, they are left open to infection at any age.

As far as treatments, once infected, some of the infected seem to recover individually, although the body and minds fight to free themselves of the disease is a brutal and traumatic experience, those who do survive, seem to be stronger spiritually for the experience.

But mass treatment for the herds of Sheep?

There is starvation, devastation of their land, societies and homes.
Wars, in your face aggression in such a huge mass, they are forced to forceable extract their heads from their sheep like ball less asses, and face reality, unready, untrained, uneducated to reality/Nature.

The learning curve is short and sharp.
Many do not survive the wake up call, or for very long after the echoes of the call die down.

They are just too stupid, too ignorant, to useless to the emerging society, to timid, to cowardly to survive.

Any person raised with nature, payed any attention to the rhythm of life/seasons, of nature, soon learned in the green years, in the good years, in the plentiful years, most born grew up, every body got to eat, everyone got to breed, and there was a population explosion.

But come the bad years, dry, little food, the weaker, less aggressive, less dominant animals do not get that food in quantities need to sustain life.
They die of starvation, or diseases caught because they were weak and starving.

The stronger animal, more determined, smarter, with real balls, is the ones who survive.

Which is as it should be. Nature gets rid of the weak, bad genes, sorry bloodlines, leaving top of the line stock to repopulate the area with when the good years return.

Mother Nature is a very brilliant and efficient lady.
Knows her business.

Nature seems cruel to some, but the bad genes simply have to be taken out of the breeding herd sometimes.

That true for mice, rabbits, foxes, deer, bears, and human looking sheep.

Seems to me, a loving parent, would not endanger the mental health of their child, and their childs future, by not inoculating their young children to reality, truth, and the Light of Illumination, the truth brings?

John C Carleton

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