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If Jesus the Christ were to return, he would take his whip to “christians”.

Jesus the Christ despised Pedophiles, above all else.
He said, chain a millstone around their neck and throw em in the deep end of the pool.

He also said, it would have been better they had never been born!

Warvangelical “christians”, put Israhell before America.

Israhell, is the crime cabal home of the Russian expat non Semitic Khazarian End of Times Death Cult, falsely called the Judaic religion by some dishonest or ignorant folks.

The end of times death cult accepts, promotes pedophilia, and Occupied Palestine, is over run with Khazarian Pedophiles.

You will remember, it was Usury bankers, Jesus took his whip to and ran out of the temple.

The Israhell khazarian non Semitic Russian Expats and their spawn, are the leading promotors and practitioners of Usury.

A dog can claim to be a cat, don’t make it so.
A cat can claim to be a dog, don’t make it so.

The meanings of words change, each generation they change.

i have done research, where i take a word, start looking at it in dictionaries from the 1700s, follow that word in dictionaries from the 1800s, on through the 1900s, and see how the definition has morphed, sometimes naturally, sometimes done purposely for political or control of the masses.

The definition, of Christian today, has absolutely nothing to do with the definition of a Christian during, or shortly after Jesus the Christ time.

Christian today, is a meaningless Bull Shit word, and those who claim Christian status, are often some of the most evil, greedy, control freak, me first, mass murdering scum on the face of the earth.

For Israhell firsters, one should be aware, if claiming Christianity, the evil cult religion the Khazarians occupying Palestine practice, is the same evil Jesus the Christ was fighting.

Different people practicing the evil, but the same evil.
Khazarians, converted to the Cult around 0740 AD, in the Steppes of Russia.

John C Carleton

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