America Needs A Debt Jubilee-Paul Craig Roberts

If your interested, i already outlined how to get rid of all the USA/WASHINGTON DC’s debt.

How To Get Rid of All of The USA/WASHINGTON DC’s Debt!

Did not go into personal debt, but as it was the fiat “dollar” backed by nothing which was loaned, Americans forced to use Usury credit cards and loans to survive in the economy forced on Americans by pedophilic zionist bankers, owe nothing in return, not even the principal.
The principal was a figment of a pedophile Usury “bankers” imagination also, not real, just made up out of thin air.

Now if them bankers were to be given Fair Common Law Trials for Usury, pedophilia, crimes against humanity, they would have no concern about this world any more anyway.

John C Carleton

America Needs A Debt Jubilee

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