Israel Kill Pregnant Mother And Her 1 Yr Old Child In Gaza-AMN

Every day the Turkmen/slavic Half breed Kazarian Non-Semitic Russian Expats from the Steppes of Russia, and their spawn, Holocaust the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Souls, in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land.

And you don’t hear a damn thing about it from MSM, or Mossad limited Hang Out “alternative” sites such as “Truthdig”.
(Liedig, zionist speak is 180 degrees opposite the truth.
Just flip what they say for the truth).

One idiot, or Mossad agent, not sure which, offs one Kazarian in church in California, MSM, Mossad limited hang out sites, grabbed their throats, screamed bloody murder for days.

Americans best wake up!

And not everyone calls themselves an America, is one.
Some of them are Kazarian Jackals, in sheep clothing.
Some of them are Israhell firster, zionist “Christians”.

Time for the American sheep to pull their heads out of that rearward hole the sheep have their heads firmly planted in, stand up for their country, their family, their home, their fast disappearing way of life.

John C Carleton

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