Goal of Zionism & Communism is the Same- Jewish Supremacism

First, “Jew” is a slang word, used to denote one born into the End of Times Death Cult, or who has converted to the Cult.

The Kazarians, Russian Expats, originally from the Steppes of Russia, converted to the “Judaic” End of Times Death Cult around 0740 AD, are by far the largest sect of Cult members.

Not all cult members are zionist.
There are many different sects of the End of Times Death Cult, from many different ethnicities and nationalities.
Not all act the same.

The Russian Expat Kazarians, are evil.
They practice and support, pedophilia, mass murder, theft on an industrial scale.

The Non Semitic Russian Expats have tried to convince themselves, and many truly believe, they are descended from the Hebrews, which of course they are not.

“Jew” is not a sub race of the Human race.
“JEW” is a slang word for a cult religion, and the members of that religious cult.

John C Carleton


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