The Americans Were Cowardly Me First Sheep in the 1700s, Just As Most Americans Are Today

American troops at Valley Forge in 1778

The four areas which i was best suited by ancestry, knowledge and abilities were so corrupt, i would not follow them.

Military, Government, Law, Priesthood.
My ancestors ran long on those things.

History, has always been a passion for me.
When i was still running around in short pants, very young, i would sit and listen to the older folks talk about how things were when they were kids.

i would seek out war veterans, of any war, get them to teach me some history.

By the time i was in 7th grade, i had already been given the run of, including checking out books, from the high school library, having read anything of value in the grade school library.

Went to university, studied history, theology, government, along with microbiology and such science related classes.

Have continued to read, to study the history of my ancestors, the world, America, in the forty something years after high school.

i Know USA official history.
Should be in the library under fiction.

Know a hell of a lot of the real history, of the world, America.
The more one learns however, the more one realizes how very ignorant they are.

A historian, can pick one period, say WW 2 for example, dig, research, write, all his or her life, and still only scratch the surface of that history in time.

The more ignorant one realizes one is, and the older one gets, so they know the number of years left to study, learn in grows ever shorter, the more passionate the truth seeker is about finding truth, the true meanings and history of what they are studying.

Studied George Washington in school history.
Read some books about the revolution, in which he featured.
Studied him closer than most Americans, as i am descended from the Washingtons, and he is a close cousin.

There would have been no American States, if not for George Washington.

Now, he was only a man, not the God the official history teaches you he was.
He screwed up from time to time, just like most folks.
He did some things after the war, that i condemn him for doing.
BUT, the American States would never had been free of Britain, if George Washington had not been there.

All during the war, of which he spent only three nights at home the whole time, he was cheered when the Americans won, cussed when they lost.
When things looked good, many Americans flocked to the military. Cold, hungry, discouraged, they deserted by the thousands.

They stabbed him in the back, other officers wanting to take command, the American people blamed him for the loss of battles, he had not been given the weapons, men, supplies to win, by an elitist congress who were busy setting themselves up to get rich on Usury debt loaned to the “cause”, preferential treatment of favored supply merchants to the military, to the detriment of the troops shoddy food, supplies.

But a handful of American with real balls, stood by him.
A book was written about the war, Valley forge, call ‘Winter Soldiers).

Thomas Paine wrote a piece, in which he derided the sunshine soldier, and praised the suffering, the honor, the sacrifices of the “Winter Soldier”.

George Washington, had that piece read to the troops, just before they set out to cross the Delaware and attack the British at Trenton, leading to a victory, which kept the American States, the fight for independence alive.

Unfortunately, George threw in with the Constitution crowd, after the war, which led to the Americans loosing their new found freedom.

i believe George was so disgusted by the American sheep, their cowardliness, their selfishness, their lack of honor, their lack of courage, he decided they did not deserve freedom, and would piss freedom off for a fleeting song.

It is my thoughts, he was right, both on the American sheep not deserving freedom, and also share his belief they would have thrown freedom in the dirt and pissed on it.

How ever, it was not his place, to make that choice for them.
He should have allowed them to keep their freedom, and piss it off themselves.

He allowed his disdain for the cowardly, fickle, disloyal, me first Americans, the way they had treated him, and the few real men who fought through the bad times with him, to convince him to join the constitution crowd.

Lest you think i base my beliefs of the cowardliness, self serving nature of the American sheep on only this period, not so.

Back when the colonies were still very much British, the French and English both laid claim to the Ohio Valley.
Who ever controlled the forks of the Ohio, controlled vast frontiers.

George had some experience in the area, doing surveys, and investing in some lands around the area himself from the money he made surveying.

He understood for the British colonies to grow, to succeed in the long run, the Americans had to control the forks of the Ohio, and the Ohio Valley.

He understood the french and English were in a race to secure those forks.
He carried a letter, north to the French, from the Governor of Virginia, demanding the French vacate any of the area.

George could see the French were getting ready as soon as spring came, to advance on the forks and build forts.
He under took a perilous journey, in the dead of winter, in order to get that information back to the Governor as soon as possible, as he understood the Americans MUST reach those forks in force, build forts before the French, for the survival and success of the British colonies.

The Americans, pissed off the time he bought them, to get ready and beat the French.

Volunteers among the populations who would be run out, suffer in the French succeed, failed to produce an army.
A lottery was ordered, every third man was to go.
They refused to show up.

Finally, pay was authorized, and a handful of spitters and whittlers, joined for the money.
They were green troops to say the least, and very few of them.

The promised supplies did not materialize, the wagons did not come, the horses were not gathered.

Finally, word came the French had reached and built forts in the forks of the Ohio valley.

At that point, George, 2nd in command of the supposed force, was ordered to march, with a hand full of green troops, very few supplies, no horses or wagons to transport the supplies, which were not there anyway.

After the horses were out of the barn, with only George’s will power and determination holding things together, he marched with a handful of undersupplied green troops who were there for the money, not out of duty, towards a huge, well trained and supplied military force, to try to defend the people who would not stand up to defend their own lands, families, communities and homes.

There would not have been a French Indian war, or it would have been much different, less costly to the Americans, if a few of them had got off their asses and helped defend their own damn interest, before they were absolutely forced to, when things were much harder and desperate, because of their earlier cowardliness and inaction.

looking around today, after forty something years of trying to warn the American sheep, if they did not stand up, America was going to turn into the oppressive shit hole it has now become, i understand Georges frustrations and disdain for the cowardly American sheep.

i agree with him, they do not deserve freedom, if given freedom again, would most likely trade it for a cold six pack and half an hour with warm body, before the week was out.

BUT, George should have done his duty to himself, carried out what his destiny called for him to do for humanity, and let the sheep piss on their own freedom, let em sell it for chump change.

In the end, ones duty, is to themselves.
One must strive to carry out their small part in trying to build a new and better world for humanity.

My father and i used to have deep theological discussions.

Unlike the zionist “christian”, who is worried about everyone else “sinning”, who pray long and hard for God to straighten out all those sinners who surround their godly and pure self, but never pray for God to make them, themselves, stop doing all the things they really like to, always worrying about the “End of Times”, my father looked at things differently.

He said, as long as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing when you die, you should be alright.

So, even if the American sheep are ungrateful, cowardly backstabbing me first sheep, if ones duty is to try to give them freedom, one should just do their duty, not for the sheep, who apparently like being sheep and slaves, but for ones self, for ones duty.

The sheep will have to account for their actions, you will have to answer for yours, and i mine.

Whenever old friend death shows up for me, if i am doing the duty i have been given, things should be fine.

Let the sheep worry about the sheep in the hereafter.

Just do your Duty.
Thats all one can ask of themselves, or another.

John C Carleton