Joe Rogan Experience #1284 – Graham Hancock-YouTube

i do not have time to sit and watch a lot of videos.
When i watch one like this, it is done a few minuets here, a few there.

This one is well worth listening to.
Graham Hancock, seems to know his stuff, and has authored several books.

Ordered this one last night.
‘America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization Hardcover – April 23, 2019’

i understand what he is talking about, how these people with so much invested in the official version of history, refuse to even consider evidence which would disprove the illusion they had based so much of their lives on.

My mother, was a zionist “christian”.
Had it beat into her head as a child.
i personally remember my mother, who was not a stupid person, but a self imposed, ignorant one, teach me there never were any dinosaurs, it was all lies made up by evil people trying to disprove God and tell you man came from a monkey.

She would not even look at the evidence.
She would have had to admit, her grandfather who beat that stuff in her head, all her teachers, her ministers, had lied to her.
It would include having to realize she had pretty much pissed her life off, based on lies taught her as truth.

There is proof all of the official lies are bull shit.
People just scared to look at the truth, and most won’t, until forced to by the failure of their culture and social ideas.

John C Carleton