IT The Wayworn Cat House Thistle

IT the wayworn Cat House Thistle- Has never known the exhilaration of the wolf whistle- When IT burst screaming into this world- The sight caused both breeding pair to hurl- A childhood spent going out only at night- So the merciful darkness could hide the sight- Of this troll like creature from the straight line […]

History Community, The Disqus “Discussion” Site Which Removes Peoples Post Who Tell The Truth.

Have a friend who has been banned from several Disqus “discussion sites” for telling the truth. Been banned from one myself, for telling the truth, MILITARY VETERANS of Disqus site. May get banned from another Protecting Slavery: The Constitution of the Confederate States John C Carleton a day ago Removed When someone asked the […]

Brussels Halts 5G Pilot Over Radiation Concerns As Verizon Clicks Heels Over US Rollout

USA/WASHINGTON DC, tries to kill, disable and give cancer to Americans for shekels using vaccines. USA/WASHINGTON DC, tries to kill and give cancer to Americans for shekels, forcing adulterated GMO Frankinfoods on Americans. All saturated in cancer causing herbicides. Yum-yum! USA/Washington DC is trying to murder and give cancer to Americans for shekels, using 5G […]