When God Resigned and Appointed the USA/WASHINGTON DC God

When God Resigned and Appointed the USA/WASHINGTON DC God!

i must have missed it!

It must have happen though, as the evil run by the baby rapers of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, Via orders from Israhell, which means the word of the Rat, is trying to tell all the countries in the world, what they must do, and make all peoples of the world to be Ratschild slaves.

i was under the understanding God was God, and the USA was a war criminal sub corporation of the evil of the RothsRat run British Empire.

But somehow, the baby rapers of DC, have decided they are God, and all humanity must obey them, OR ELSE!

Personally i believe God is still God, alive forever, immortal!

And the USA will be a shit hole forever.
A den of pedophiles forever, as long as the USA exist.
A crime cabal of evil murderers, thieves and liars.
A shame to the earth, a cancer, on the ass of humanity and on the Face of America!

Time to clean this evil shit up, hang the guilty, (after Fair Common Law Trials of course), bulldoze the memorials to evil men and oppression which is celebrated in the evil which is USA/WASHINGTON DC, along with the buildings they used to plan their evil against humanity!

If Americans, don’t want the Germans, Japanese, Syrians, Afghans, Yemens, Iraqis, or Palestinians, running the war crime trials in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, then the American sheep best be pulling their heads out of their asses, reach down the front of their pants, see if they have a pair!

Such evil, and such mass ignorance as American’s embrace today, can not long stand.
It is against the Laws of Nature, and Mother Nature ALWAYS wins.

i would hope the American souls could find the morals, fortitude, to clean up the shit hole America has become, before some other people or country do it for them.

The latter senecio will not be near as gentle on the American Sheep as the former.

The American Sheep, who allowed this evil to go on, without even ONE public objection, from most of the population, best clean their own house, before the world at large, decides to just bulldoze the damn thing!

John C Carleton

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