Which Definition of “Jew” Are You Being Accused of “Hating”, By Israhell Turkmen mongrel Non Semitic Pedophilic Usury promoting, War Mongering Khazarian Hazbaras When You Tell The Truth of The Evil of Zionism?

There are two different definitions.

Be nice if the Israhell Hazbara whores would identify which one they are verbally assaulting you with!

In the interest of clarity, i will splain the differences in the two “Jews”.

First, there is the End of Times Death cult, who’s members are called “Jews”

There are many different sects of “Jews”, as there are many different sects of Protestant cults.

In Catholicism, you have three different sects of the cult.
1. Roman Catholics.
2. Russian Orthodox.
3. Church of England.

The End of Times Death Cult religion, who’s members are called the derogatory term “Jew”, are of many different nationalities, ethnicity, and homelands.

The largest sect, is the pedophilic, Usury practicing, non Semitic, war mongering, Russian Expat Kazarian half breed Turkmen/slav reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, which the majority, are currently either involved physically, or cheerleading for, the Holocausting of the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian people, in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land.

Secondly, there is the Mythical “Jew”.

This is a mythical “race” of people, who became a “race”, because they belonged to a cult religion, the End of Times Death Cult.

As any intelligent persons can reason, if belonging to a cult religion, could make one of a certain “race” of people, one would have these and many more “races” running around demanding special privileges because they belong to certain religious cults.

The Baptist Race.
The Russian Orthodox Race.
The Roman Catholic Race.
The Church of England Race.
The Church of Christ Race.
The Mormon Race.
The methodist Race.
The Episcopal Race.
The Pentecostal Race.
The Snake Handling Race.
The Presbyterian Race.
The Independant Race.
The Buddhist Race.
The Islamic Race, (further broken down into many sects).
The Moonies Race.

No one has ever been able to capture one of the Mythical “Jews”.

And a whole bunch of the Pedophilic Religious Cult “Jews”, need to be captured.

John C Carleton

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