Criticizing Israel Will Land You in Prison

Soon, this blog will be illegal. No, I’m not selling drugs or peddling child pornography. I write about America’s wars and the primary objective of those illegal and immoral wars—to make Israel the hegemon of the Middle East along with Saudi Arabia. All US foreign policy in that region centers on those two nations. The […]

The Sweat of a red Russian Turkmen mongrel Kazarian’s Brow Produced By Labor, is like Holy Water to Dracula

The red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarian reject outcaste Russian Expat Rats are allergic to labor. They have a fear of death if they break a sweat doing manual labor. They prefer theft, Usury, blackmail, politics, (Sucking on the Public teat), producing porn, sexual slavery of non Kazarians. The evil pedophilic Kazarian Mafia, needs to be […]